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Extension County Operations

Fiscal Compliance

County Funds Policy

County Checking Account Reporting

County Funds Policy Guidelines and Supplemental Forms:
Read the Guidelines and Supplemental Forms document for explanation of each guide and/or form.

Sample thank you letter to county Extension donors

Monthly Reconciliation Reports:
Monthly, counties are required to reconcile the checking account to bank statement. The CEC is required to submit a monthly reconciliation report with required attachments to district office.

Annual Statement of Review Report:
An annual review on all county office accounts is required as instructed in the guidelines, Annual Tests of Internal Controls.

County Inventory Reporting

County Inventory Form:
Use this form to track items purchased with local funds valued over $250 as outlined in the County Funds Policy. This form should be provided to the district office annually or as requested.

Cost Recovery Guidelines for County Extension Programs

Description: The guideline provides a framework through which county faculty/staff can expand their understanding of how cost recovery initiatives and support and enhance Extension programming during a time of limited federal, state and county funding.


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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing Supplemental Forms:


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