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Extension County Operations: Organizational Development: CEC Orientation Program

Mentor Support

All newly appointed CECs will be assigned an experienced CEC as a mentor. The District Extension Director will select the Mentor prior to the appointment date. The formal commitment will be for one year.

Mentor Visits

During the first week of the appointment the Mentor will call the new CEC to schedule their first visit during that first month.

During the first six months of the appointment the Mentor and new CEC (Mentee) will schedule at least three visits.

The first meeting will be a visit to the Mentor’s county and will focus on questions the new CEC has. The CEC should be prepared to discuss any questions or concerns with the Mentor; the Mentor should also be prepared to provide information to the new CEC. (A list of Suggested Discussion Topics is provided below as a guide.) Other meetings should be scheduled during the first visit.

The second and third visits should be arranged to allow the new CEC to participate in any activities that may be helpful for them to observe and/or participate in.

During the next 6 months the Mentor should continue communication with the Mentee as needed. If convenient, meetings may be planned during district statewide events or meetings. Communication by phone, e-mail, etc. should occur as needed.

Three report forms should be completed by both the new CEC and the Mentor and returned by the Mentor to the individuals designated on the forms immediately after visits occur.

Suggested Discussion Topics

Organizational Structure

  • Organizational Charts (District, County)
  • Policies / Procedures (District, County)
  • Roles / Job Descriptions (UGA, CAES, Extension, District, County)

Leadership Development

  • Local Leader Identification

Financial Management

  • Budget Management
  • Interpretation
  • Spending Procedures
  • Reconciliation
  • Accounts Management / Audits
  • Grant / Alternative Funding

Resource Development

  • Identifying External Mentors
  • External Agency Contacts
  • Office Reference Materials

Personnel Management

  • Conflict Resolution (How to handle difficult situations)