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Using the New Tifton Campus Website

The new Tifton Campus website features a contemporary, accessible and mobile-friendly design that aligns the site with the current CAES web presence.

Home Page

The Tifton Campus home page features an image slider, flexible feature content boxes, CAES news and calendar feeds filtered to Tifton-specific news and events, and clear links to social media.

About UGA Tifton

Reorganized and updated with new content areas, the "About" section gives an expanded look at the Tifton Campus. From local leadership to points of pride and ways our campus serves the Tifton community, this section is packed with useful information.

Under "Campus Overview," users can browse through historical information, view a list of buildings and locations with photos and maps, see our campus safety guidelines, take a look at student life on campus, and more.


Academics information for undergraduate students links visitors to the authoritative source for Tifton's information on the CAES Students website.

Research & Extension

An overview of research and extension programs on the Tifton Campus is the focus of the "Research and Extension" section. Find links to the Research and Education Centers managed by the Tifton Campus, as well as links to news, publications and websites relating to work done on the Tifton Campus.


Within the "Departments" section, there are landing pages for each department represented on the Tifton Campus. Basic information about the department and its presence in Tifton is available, as well as links to the main department website and associated resources. A "People" page provides a directory listing of all Tifton faculty and staff members for each department.

Conference Center

The Tifton Campus Conference Center's website provides information about the events and services offered. Take a look inside the facility and view associated photo galleries. An easy-to-use "Contact Us" form allows users to request information.


The "People" section of the site provides directory listings of all CAES faculty and staff located on the Tifton Campus, as well as links to our USDA partners. A quick link to the college's centralized personnel database search and links to Tifton's administrative offices and departmental personnel are provided.

Employee Resources

Internal resources have been removed from our public-facing website. All resources have been compiled on the CAES Intranet. Tifton employees can access the information from the "Employee Resources" link under "About UGA Tifton" OR directly at

Web Managers

If you need help using the website or want to add an event to the Tifton calendar, please contact Cindy Tucker.

To communicate information to be considered for a feature on the Tifton home page or in a news article, please contact Clint Thompson.

For issues with the personnel directory, please contact Tracey Vellidis.

The conference center section of the website is managed by Barbara Maw.