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January 20, 2012

Spring Semester on UGA Tifton Campus: Classes for the Spring 2012 semester began on Monday, January 9th. We added six new undergraduate students to our campus this semester, for a total of 42.

The Spring 2012 Tifton Campus Ambassador team has been announced. Congratulations to Brandi Bishop, Ashley Cochran, Breanna Coursey, Jamison Cruce, Emily Reece, Brittaney Schwing, Katie Thigpen, and Holly Ward. These students are excellent representatives for our campus and will be responsible for recruiting new students to the academic programs.

Safety Week on the UGA Tifton Campus: Safety Week is scheduled for Tuesday thru Thursday, February 14-16. There will be 12 sessions from which you can choose. A description of the sessions and registration instructions will be sent the first of February. Please mark your calendars now. All UGA Tifton personnel are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one session. USDA-ARS personnel are also invited and are welcome to attend. Thanks to Stan Diffie, UGA Tifton Campus Safety Committee Chair, for organizing Safety Week.

UGA CAES Strategic Planning Regional Meeting: On Thursday of this week the first of six regional meetings for the Strategic Planning Process for the CAES was held at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center. About 130 people were in attendance, representing UGA faculty and staff, USDA-ARS personnel, and CAES stakeholders. There was an excellent cross-section of representation and the event was a great success. Drs. Jean Bertrand and Laura Perry-Johnson are co-chairs of the process, and along with several members of the Strategic Planning Committee put on a very effective meeting. Those in attendance felt that the meeting was productive and successful, and was a great opportunity to give input for the future of the CAES. Thanks to those who were willing to devote one morning to this very important activity. Dean Scott Angle was also in attendance.

The 36th annual Georgia Peanut Farm Show was held on Thursday, January 19 at the Albany Civic Center. It was an excellent event with record attendance, a long list of exhibitors, and a large number of educational sessions. The UGA Tifton Campus was well represented with a large number of campus scientists providing updates on key issues facing the peanut industry. I am always proud of the contributions our scientists and staff are making when I attend an event like the Peanut Farm Show.