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September 9, 2011

The UGA Cotton and Peanut Research Field Day sponsored by the Georgia Cotton and Georgia Peanut Commissions was held on Tuesday, September 7 at the UGA Tifton Campus. The large number of participants (almost 200) enjoyed a beautiful cool day and updates from UGA and USDA-ARS scientists on on-going research projects. The field day started at the Gibbs Farm, moved to the Lang-Rigdon Farm, and ended at the UGA Black Shank Pavilion for a barbecue lunch. A good cross section of growers, industry personnel, and the commodity commissions heard the latest on research in cotton and peanuts, much of which had been funded through grower check-off dollars. Thanks to Drs. John Beasley and Guy Collins for leading the organization for the event, to the many scientists who gave research reports, to the support staff for the Cotton and Peanut Teams and to Sephus Willis and Dickie Hilton (Gibbs Farm) and Harvey Kendrick and Neal Roberson (Lang-Rigdon Farm) for their research support and for the excellent condition of the research farms. Dean Scott Angle attended the field day and updated the group on the CAES during lunch.

The Georgia Pecan Growers Annual Field Day was held on Thursday, September 8th at the UGA Tifton Campus. The large group of participants (over 400 people) convened at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center before traveling to the Ponder Farm for the morning. At the Ponder Farm scientists updated the group on pest control, disease issues, new cultivars, and more. The attendance made this the largest annual field day on record. The Ponder Farm and pecan groves looked great, and the research presentations were well received. Following the morning field day the group returned to the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center for a barbecue lunch. Overall the field day was a great success. Thanks to Dr. Lenny Wells for helping to organize the field day, Janice Dees of the Georgia Pecan Growers Assoc., to the scientists who made presentations and to Aris Lamb at the Ponder Farm, and to technicians Del Taylor, Mike Crumley, Milke Hudson, and Russ Griffin for all the work necessary to prepare for and conduct the field day, and to conference center staff for the enjoyable luncheon.

The UGA Tifton Farm Chat on WTIF radio is now on every weekday at about 9:35 a.m. on WTIF radio (107.5 FM).

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