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July 22, 2011

Sunbelt Expo Field Day was held on July 7 at Spence Field in Moultrie. There was a full morning of presentations of research at the farm, followed by a lunch program. The field day is full of on-going research, and has extensive participation from members of the UGA Tifton Campus. Thanks to the many scientists and technical staff who represent the UGA CAES so well.

The Young Scholars Closing Ceremony was held in Athens on Friday, July 8. Young Scholars and mentors from Tifton, Griffin, and Athens campuses were present. It was a great ceremony with a room full of scholars, parents, and mentors. In addition to recognition of all the scholars, winners for presentations and posters were announced. This is an excellent program which stimulates interest in the sciences in high school students. Thanks to mentors and technical staff for sharing their time and expertise with these budding scientists. Also, thanks to Susan Reinhardt for coordinating this program, and to Narke Norton for assisting Susan in this valuable program.

Award Winners at APRES: The 43rd Annual American Peanut Research and Education Society Annual Meeting took place last week (July 11-14) in San Antonio, TX. The Tifton Campus was again well represented with Dr. Timothy Grey taking home an award as recipient of the Dow AgroSciences Award for Excellence in Research, and Mr. Justin Moss (M.S. student of Dr. Scott Tubbs) receiving 2nd place in the Joe Sugg Graduate Student Competition. Four of the seven graduate students in that competition hail from the UGA Tifton Campus, with two additional graduate students presenting in other sessions aside from the competition. Thanks to Dr. Scott Tubbs for this report. Congratulations to Dr. Grey and to Justin Moss!

Award Winner at ADSA: The joint annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association and the American Society of Animal Science was held last week in New Orleans, LA. Dr. John Bernard received the Pioneer Hi-Bred Forage Research Award for excellence in forage research. He received the award during the ADSA Awards Ceremony. Congratulations to Dr. Bernard!

The Stripling Irrigation Research Park Field Day was held on Tuesday of this week. A number of scientists from the Tifton Campus participated in the field day and shared the on-going research they are conducting at the park. In addition, a number of graduate students from the Tifton Campus were in attendance, and some presented their research activities. Following the field day a great lunch was served, which was followed by a meeting of the Advisory Committee meeting for the Stripling Park. The Advisory Committee consists of area leaders interested in agriculture and water and are strong advocates for the park and water research. The Park looked great, crops were in good shape, and overall it was a good day. Thanks to superintendent Calvin Perry and staff for conducting the successful field day.

The annual 4-H Banquet will be held on Thursday evening in Atlanta, and the closing ceremony for this year's Georgia Interns for Teachers (GIFT) will be held on Friday, also in Atlanta. I will be attending both of these functions, which represent the best of what Georgia 4-H offers, and the GIFT program, which prepares high school science teachers to be even better teachers.

The Southeast Bioenergy Conference will be held at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center on August 9 – 11. This year's program again promises to be outstanding. In addition, a program will be held on Monday evening, August 8 at 6:30 pm at the Conference Center to discuss the importance of energy on a local level. The session will be open to the public, is free, and will have panels of farmers and businessmen to discuss energy use in their operations, administration from UGA, ABAC and Moultrie Tech to discuss energy initiatives, and an invited presentation from Dr. Gale Buchanan, former under-secretary for the USDA. We encourage you to come out to participate in this enlightening discussion.

The UGA Tifton Farm Chat on WTIF radio is now on every weekday at about 9:35 a.m. on WTIF radio (107.5 FM).

UGA Tifton license plates: Show your UGA Tifton Campus pride by purchasing your UGA Tifton license plate. With your $10.00 donation, you will receive one UGA Tifton car tag, and all proceeds will go to support activities for the UGA Tifton Ambassadors.

Tifton Campus Seminar Series: It is time to start planning the Fall Tifton Campus Seminar Series. Please contact Patty Timper if you would like to give a seminar or know someone who could be contacted to give a seminar. The seminars will be every Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to Noon and will start Sept. 8 and end Dec. 15. This semester, the Tifton Graduate Student/Postdoc Association will be coordinating the seminar series with Patty's help. Dr. Bill Anderson will coordinate the Spring Seminar Series.

State Budget News (from Associated Press, July 13): Georgia's economy showed fresh signs of life on Wednesday as tax collections for the fiscal year that ended June 30 beat budget projections, allowing the state to begin to restock its rainy day fund. State money managers reported on Wednesday that tax collections are up 8 percent from the previous year, an increase of $1.1 billion. That's above the projected growth of 4 percent for the year. The increase was fueled by a 9 percent rise in individual income tax collections, and a nearly 7 percent increase in net sales tax collections. Corporate income tax revenues dipped 2 percent for the year. "The upward movement in Georgia's revenue numbers is a clear indication that our state can and will advance as long as we continue the practice of maintaining a fiscally conservative state budget," Gov. Nathan Deal said in a statement. The extra cash will be used to bolster the state's reserve fund, depleted by the recession. Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said the state expects to put between $250 million and $310 million into the fund. "We're woefully short in reserves," Jack Hill, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee said Wednesday. What's in the rainy day fund would only pay state bills for about a week, he said. The state's overall budget is about $18 billion, down from a high of more than $21 billion before the economic downturn. But while state coffers show signs of rebounding, the state's unemployment rate of 9.8 percent remains above the national average of 9.1 percent.

Upcoming Events:

  • Southeast Bioenergy Conference — UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center — August 9-11
  • Southeast Research & Education Center Field Day — Midville — Tuesday, August 16
  • Sunbelt Expo — Moultrie, Spence Field — October 18-20