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April 29, 2011

New Zealand Rotary Exchange group: We hosted a group from New Zealand on the UGA Tifton Campus on Thursday, April 28. This group is part of a Rotary International exchange program and will spend several weeks in Georgia being hosted by different Rotary Clubs and learning about our culture and businesses. During the visit the group met with me, and talked about vegetable production with Dr. Stormy Sparks, dairy production with Natasha Mullis, water quality and crop production with Dr. George Vellidis, bermudagrass and energy crops with Dr. Bill Anderson, and the Future Farmstead with Tony Grahame. There was a good exchange of information during the meetings. There are currently several Georgians in New Zealand as part of the exchange. The Georgia contingent includes Dr. Leslie Pannell Johnson who is a veterinarian at Quailwood Animal Hospital here in Tifton.

Ag Awareness occurs on the Tifton Campus on Thursday, May 5. During the event we expect several hundred school children to attend, along with numerous teachers and parents, to learn more about agriculture and their world. To enhance safety Rainwater Road will be closed and monitored by ABAC Police during the entire event. This closure applies to external as well as internal campus traffic. This is necessary to ensure the safety of the many children who are in our charge during their time here. A campus map will be provided showing how campus traffic should move during the event. This is an outstanding event that helps to educate a large number of children. Thanks to the many individuals who make the event happen, and thanks in advance for helping to make the event safe for our visitors.

The UGA Tifton Campus license plate is currently available. You can contact Christy Bryan, Leanne Chafin, or Teri Hughes (386-3338) to purchase one. Show your UGA Tifton Campus pride and put one on your personal and work vehicles!

The Awards Ceremony for the UGA Tifton Campus was held last week at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center. We had a number of deserving recipients for awards and years of service recognition, as well as scholarships and awards for our students. Go to the UGA Tifton Campus Annual Awards and Recognitions website to see a list of our many award winners. Thanks to the Awards Committee, the Social Committee, and to Conference Center staff for making the event so successful. Also, thanks to people who took the time to nominate deserving personnel for awards.

WTIF radio show schedule: Remember the UGA Tifton Campus radio spot on WTIF radio (107.5 FM) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week at about 9:35 a.m.


Upcoming Events:

  • Turf Field Day — Tuesday, May 3 — Tifton Campus
  • Blueberry Field Day — Thursday, May 5 — Alapaha
  • Corn Silage Field Day — Thursday, June 16 — Tifton Campus
  • Sunbelt Expo Field Day — Thursday, July 7 — Moultrie