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April 1, 2011

The South Georgia Native Plant and Wildflower Symposium was held on March 23 at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center. This was the eleventh year for the Symposium, and like the plants they discuss, the participation has been growing every year. Almost 200 people attended this year, making last year's move to the Conference Center for space reasons a good decision. Special thanks to Amy Carter, Glenda Gibbs and Dana Cheek for their dedication and hard work in planning the event.

Relay for Life Fundraiser was held yesterday on the UGA Tifton Campus. The barbecue was a big hit, and participants had chicken barbecue plates for lunch or to take home, or slabs of ribs were available for purchase (I took advantage of both!). The food was excellent and the cause was very worthy. The sale of four hundred plus chicken plates and 69 Rib slabs means that a significant donation is being made on behalf of the UGA Tifton Campus. Ticket sales brought in $1476.00 with an additional $337.00 in donations above and beyond the cost of tickets for a total of $1813.00. The winner of a nice prize for raising the most money thru ticket sales and donations is Leanne Chafin. Thanks to the UGA Tifton Campus Relay Team Members who participated in this fundraiser. A special thanks to all of you who helped by purchasing and just helping to get the word out.

WTIF radio show schedule: Remember the UGA Tifton Campus radio spot on WTIF radio (107.5 FM) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week at about 9:35 a.m.

Upcoming Events:

  • Georgia Heifer Evaluation and Reproductive Development (HERD) Sale -
    April 19
    at 12:30 p.m. - Tifton Bull Evaluation Center, Irwinville
  • Tifton Campus Awards and Recognitions Ceremony followed by Ice Cream Social -
    April 21 at 2:00 p.m. - Tifton Campus Conference Center


Conversion of UGA Tifton Campus mailing address: Some of you know by now that we are in the process of converting the Tifton Campus address from a P.O. Box to a physical street address. I realize that making all the necessary contacts to change the address is a major headache. We have no choice in making this change. Due to changes that have taken place at the federal level for federal grant proposals (see copied email from Dr. Shulstad's office below), a P.O. Box is no longer a valid address when entering grant information. We must have a physical street address with a zip+4 recognized by the U.S. Postal Service. Literally last week, we were informed that as Sponsored Programs entered new grant proposals in the federal granting system, they were rejected due to the lack of a physical address, which makes it absolutely essential to establish this physical mailing address. Effective last Thursday, all mail is being delivered by the Post Office to the FMO mail room. Mail from the Postal Service will continue to be delivered to your building, although later in the afternoon. Campus mail will continue to be a morning and afternoon pick-up/delivery.

Our new mailing address is 2360 Rainwater Road, Tifton, GA 31793-5737. This is the new official address, designated by the U.S. Postal Service. The Postal Service is forwarding mail from the P.O. Boxes to the new street address for a period of time, but it will be up to the departments and individuals to make contact with agencies, cooperators, etc. with whom you do business. J.T. is leaving "Change of Address Notice" postcards at each mail drop for your convenience. Our mail carrier has left several bundles with us, so please let J.T. know if you need more.

I know this requires a massive transition and will take some time to get the word out, but this is necessary on many levels. I recognize that everyone has letterhead, business cards, etc. and a limited budget that prohibits simply replacing everything, so one suggestion is to print "note new mailing address" labels to attach to letterhead, etc., just as we did when the area code changed several years ago.

Note that if you receive packages from UPS or FedEx, it is not necessary to change the shipping address, although I would encourage detailed information regarding your location when placing orders. It is still challenging at times trying to help the carrier find the right person/location.

Once everyone gets over the initial shock of contacting numerous colleagues, agencies, collaborators, etc., the conversion should not be too difficult. Your mail service on campus should be relatively unaffected. I appreciate everyone's help in making this necessary conversion.

Copied email from Dr. Shulstad's office:

From the Office for Sponsored Programs:

Note to those submitting NSF Proposals

Procedure for Primary Place of Performance ("zip plus four")

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has made an important change to NSF Fastlane that will directly affect each PI. The change concerns use of correct 9-digit zip codes for the Awardee Organization and for the Primary Place of Performance. If not handled correctly and in accordance with the "zip plus four" data maintained by the U.S. Postal Service, proposals will be automatically rejected from Fastlane.

Awardee Organization

Always use the physical street address for Awardee Organization on the NSF Cover Sheet:

University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc./OR University of Georgia
200 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, Georgia 30602-5016

If there is a separate field available, 617 Boyd Graduate Studies Bldg. may be used in addition to the 200 D.W. Brooks Drive. However, the +4 zip code will be for the physical street address.

Use the above NSF format for all other federal agencies when possible depending on the constraints of the form.

Primary Place of Performance

Because you must provide correct information on the form, and failure to use the correct zip code will cause your proposal to be rejected, we suggest that you set "zip plus four" up as a template; this way you will only do it once and you will not have to do it again. We suggest you always use the following 9-digit zip code for any work taking place on the main University of Georgia campus, no matter where the specific building is located:

UGA Athens Campus
200 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, GA 30602-5016

Extended Campuses: We suggest you use the physical address for the highest administrative official on your campus.

UGA Griffin
1109 Experiment St.
Griffin, GA 30223-1731

UGA Tifton
Available after March 31
2360 Rainwater Road
Tifton, GA 31793-5737

Use guideline below.

For any other research location, aside from the sites listed above, you must verify a street address at the U.S Postal Service's website and use their 9-digit zip code for that address.

Robert N. Shulstad, Associate Dean for Research