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December 22, 2010

Graduate Student Poster Winners:

Two UGA graduate students from Tifton placed 1st and 3rd in the Graduate Student Poster Competition at the 2010 NARC (National Allium Research Conference) held last week, Dec 8-10, in Reno, NV. This is a multi-discipline conference uniting North American onion researchers, breeders and industry representatives. It is usually held in December in even numbered years. The winning presentations were:

Manish Bansal from the Horticulture Department under the directorship of Dan MacLean took 3rd place with his poster:

Bansal, M., MacLean, D., Sanders, F.H., Gitaitis, R., Bateman, A. and Hill, R. Postharvest fungicide drench, curing and storage conditions on Botrytis neck rot of Vidalia sweet onions.

Anna Watson from the Plant Pathology Department under the guidance of Ron Gitaitis won 1st place with her poster:

Watson, A., Gitaitis, R. and Li, C. Detection of sour skin of onion, caused by Burkholderia cepacia, using zNose technology.

Holiday Greetings:

As we begin the holiday season, I want to pause a moment and express my appreciation for the contributions of all members of the Tifton Campus. There is no doubt that it has been a challenging year. Yet many positive things continue to happen on the UGA Tifton Campus. Research advances occur, growers benefit from our specialists, students graduate from our academic programs. Your contributions make these things happen.

As we enter the Christmas season it is my hope that you have a joyous holiday. I hope that you enjoy time with family and friends and reflect on the many blessings that we all have enjoyed. Take this time to reflect on our gifts and enjoy some well-earned time off.

So to all members of our family, thanks for all that you do, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Warmest regards,
Joe West


Due to the hot summer and the thus far cool winter, utility expenditures are running well ahead of expenditures for the last year. As we enter the holidays, I am asking everyone to make sure that all thermostats are adjusted down to approximately 55° F. Computers and other electronics should be shut down, and all lights should be turned off. Only rooms with critical electronics and instrumentation are exempt. We do not have the luxury for a building to be heated for a person or persons to come in during the holidays. All heating must be shut down for the duration of the holidays. Thanks for your help in making crucial savings in our energy expenditures.

Merry Christmas, see you next year!