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October 29, 2010

New billboard highlighting academic programs:

A new look for our academic programs has been designed and most recently has appeared on a billboard near campus.

UGA education in Tifton

Our catch phrase for academic programs is "Stay Close. Go Farther." The new academic materials carry this phrase along with descriptions of our programs. The billboard at the intersection of 20th St. and Hwy 41 displays our new look as well. See the billboard as you head east on 20th St. Thanks to Tracey Vellidis for design work and to Erin Womack and Brad Haire for their contributions.

Recent UGA Tifton event highlighted on CAES home page:

The recent event announcing the new transfer agreements between the UGA Tifton Campus and Waycross College is highlighted on the CAES website under the News section. The article was written by Jessica Green of the University of Georgia and Taylor Hereford of Waycross College. Read the news release.

Ag Business major is official:

We received official notification that the Ag Business major for UGA Tifton Campus academic programs has been approved. This is an important step forward for the UGA Tifton Campus academic programs, and will enhance our offerings to potential UGA students. Recruiting will begin shortly for the major, which will start in the fall of 2011. This was a team effort by a number of people, with a lot of effort coming from Tifton Campus faculty in the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department. Special thanks to Dr. Curt Lacy who helped shepherd the major through college and university governance, and to the support of AAE department head Dr. Octavio Ramirez.

Sunbelt Expo:

The Sunbelt Expo was again a major success and members of the UGA Tifton Campus played an important role there. The UGA exhibits were excellent and many say that the UGA Building was one of the best university displays there. In addition Dr. Jean Bertrand, our Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, udderly devastated the competition in the cow milking contest.

News from Stripling Irrigation Research Park:

  • October 25—Georgia Agri-Leaders tour Stripling Irrigation Research Park
    The 2010 Class of Georgia Agri-Leaders leadership program toured Stripling Park and learned about the research taking place there, including soil moisture sensing, subsurface drip irrigation, peanut and cotton irrigation scheduling, and variable-rate irrigation. After enjoying lunch, the group headed on to a week in Florida learning about innovations in agriculture there.
  • October 27—Legislators tour Stripling Park
    Several state legislators toured Stripling Park to learn about research and outreach activities dealing with irrigation, water, and natural resources. The Georgia Conservancy coordinated the event. Attendees included Rep. Tom McCall, Rep. Terry England, Rep. Jay Powell, Rep. Glenn Baker, Rep. Stacey Abrams, Will Wingate & Leah Barnett (Ga Conservancy), Jill Johnson (Ga Conservation Voters), David Reckford & Thomas Farmer (The Nature Conservancy), Bryant Campbell, Miley Adams & Bubba Johnson (farmers), Bob Shulstad, Joe West, Niki Coody (UGA) as well as the Stripling Park folks (Calvin Perry, Ivey Griner, Jay Hathorn, Candace Gray, Chance Tompkins, Matt Brashers, and Martha Emanuel). The group learned about projects at the Park and then toured three area farms.

Student activities:

  • The Tifton Campus FFA Collegiate group enjoyed a Halloween social after their regular meeting on Wednesday, the 27th. It was my privilege, with the help of two assistants, to judge some very creative costumes. In addition, we enjoyed some very tasty treats; Frankenstein Fingers, Eyeball Dip, and Mummy Wraps, just to name a few.
  • Halloween Dress-up Day came a little early this year because of fall break, but that didn't seem to slow things down a bit. There were treats to eat, pumpkins to carve and a parade of costumes all carried out during break time or between classes, of course. Afterward, the pumpkins were taken to one of our assisted living homes to be enjoyed by the residents.