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September 24, 2010

Georgia Peanut Tour:

The annual Georgia Peanut Tour occurred last week, and as usual the UGA Tifton Campus was well represented. UGA scientists and staff always play an important role, and in addition to the participation by UGA scientists and staff, the Southwest Georgia Research and Education Center at Plains was an important stop on the tour. The facility was in great shape thanks to Superintendent Stan Jones and his staff, and the tour of research at the facility and presentations by our scientists were excellent.

Tri-State Peanut Disease Tour:

This annual tour was through Tifton on Thursday, completing a three day tour of peanut research activities in Alabama and Georgia. After visiting research plots at the Lang Rigdon Farm and the Black Shank Farm the group enjoyed a barbecue lunch at the Black Shank Pavilion. As usual the farms looked good and the research plot work was very informative. Thanks to UGA scientists and staff for their hard work.

Visit by Lt. Governor Casey Cagle:

Lieutenant Governor Cagle visited the UGA Tifton Campus on Thursday of this week to be updated on activities by the Center of Innovation for Agribusiness and the UGA Tifton Campus. He also heard updates on the business success of Lewis Taylor Farms from Mr. Bill Brim, and Ms. Laurie Jo Bennett of Laurie Jo's Southern Style Canning. Lt. Governor Cagle presented Ms. Bennett and Mr. Brim with the Innovation in Business Award during his visit. Congratulations to Bill and Laurie Jo.

Academic News:

SOUTHWEST DISTRICT RECRUITING EVENT — The recruiting event for the Southwest District for potential CAES students was held last evening at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center. It was an outstanding event with CAES departmental displays manned by faculty, staff, and administration, a meal for participants and break-out sessions for high school students interested in attending UGA as freshmen, and college students interested in transferring to UGA. There were 228 participants, making this the largest recruitment event yet, and there was great enthusiasm from the potential students and the faculty with whom they may study. Dr. Laura Perry Johnson and Erin Womack provide great leadership for an event which is proving quite valuable for the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. (View photos)

WAYCROSS COLLEGE PARTNERSHIP EVENT — Next Thursday, September 30, the UGA CAES Office of Academic Affairs, UGA Tifton Campus, and Waycross College will announce new transfer agreements between UGA CAES and Waycross College. This exciting development will allow access to UGA for Waycross College students, and will expand our recruiting base. We look forward to this new partnership with south Georgia institutions. The event will occur at Waycross College and will begin with a media event at 10:30 am, a luncheon for Waycross College and UGA faculty and administration, and an afternoon student reception. UGA Tifton Campus faculty are invited to participate. Call Erin Womack for details at 386-3528.

Recycling Changes:

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING RECYCLE CHANGES – This pertains to cardboard pick up only; paper and plastic pick up will not change. Tift County Recycling is suffering budget cuts like all the rest of us. They do not have the manpower to continue to go building to building to pick up cardboard. All cardboard must be taken to a container on the east side of Bio & Ag Engineering. This is the central location for UGA/Tifton Campus. Some have suggested that this is a hardship for them. Folks, an easy solution would be to have someone in your building/department/hallway take cardboard to the container, once a day or week or whatever is necessary depending on your accumulation. The recycling truck tries to pick up every other week but sometimes can only pick up once a month. Obviously, more could fit in the container if the boxes are broken down. Please take the extra moment or two to recycle your waste. Thanks for your help.

Upcoming Events:

  • September 29 — Reception for Erin Womack, NESPAL Seminar Room, 8:30-10:30am
  • September 30 — Waycross College Transfer Announcement/Event, Waycross College, 10:30am
  • September 30 — Tifton Campus Seminar Series: Large Conf. Rm in old Admin. Bldg., 11am; Speaker: Billy Crow, University of Florida, Gainesville
  • October 7 — Tifton Campus Seminar Series: Large Conf. Rm in old Admin. Bldg., 11am; Speaker: Greg MacDonald, University of Florida, Gainesville
  • October 14 — Tifton Campus Seminar Series: Large Conf. Rm in old Admin. Bldg., 11am; Speaker: Harry Schomberg, USDA-ARS, Watkinsville
  • October 19-21 — Sunbelt Expo
  • October 28 — Tifton Campus Seminar Series: Large Conf. Rm in old Admin. Bldg., 11am; Speaker: Alicia Huffacker, University of Florida, Gainesville