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September 3, 2010

EPA Self Audit Update:

We have received further clarification concerning the EPA Self Audit the Tifton Campus underwent on August 18-19. UGA Environmental Safety Division directors are advising us to proceed with caution with disposal of any chemicals or pesticides until a comprehensive college-widewaste management system can be developed. We want a system that is EPA approved, user friendly, budget wise, sustainable, and most importantly environmentally safe. A comprehensive plan will include a method to receive, store, and dispose of unwanted materials.

At this time please do not bring any universal waste (pesticides, oils, fluids, etc.) to the FMO department as we are not prepared to handle it on a large volume. We will let you know as soon as there is a proper system up and running. Please keep your universal waste in a safe and secure (locked) storage unit until further notice. However, there are some cases where waste products have contaminated the soil and/or buildings and must be removed immediately. All areas of contamination may not have been located by the auditors, but it is in the best interest of the campus to remediate these areas without delay. If remediation of waste is attempted, a detailed record must be kept which includes all facets of the work including how and where the waste products were disposed of. If further details are needed, contact the Tifton Campus Facilities Management & Operations Department and we will aid you as best we can.

The BOR auditors were back on the Tifton Campus this week and completed their audit of local UGA units. We should have a detailed report on the audit findings within 60 days.

Academic news:

The transfer agreements between UGA and Waycross College have been completed and signed by the presidents of both institutions. These agreements establish a pathway for Waycross College students to follow for admission to the University of Georgia, and are targeted at students who would come to the UGA Tifton Campus. A media event, student reception and advisor workshop are being planned for the near future. Erin Womack and I have worked closely with Dr. Mark Van Den Hende, Vice President & Dean for Academic Affairs at Waycross College, on this initiative.

Georgia Forward Conference:

I participated in the Georgia Forward Conference at Macon State College last week. Georgia Forward is a non-partisan initiative working to convene Georgia's stakeholders to craft a common vision for Georgia, and was made up of a very diverse group (over 200 people) from around the state. This first step toward developing a common vision for our state was enlightening, and brought forward a number of issues that must be addressed for Georgia to advance. Seeing how these challenges are viewed by this cross-section of our state was very informative and makes one realize that developing a common vision will require that the citizens of Georgia break down barriers and work toward the common good of this state.

Holiday weekend:

The Labor Day holiday is typically the last big holiday of the summer season, and I hope everyone enjoys their time off and recharges a bit. If you are travelling please be safe. Enjoy.

Utilities and Energy:

Please make sure before leaving for the Labor Day Holiday that all thermostats have been adjusted properly, that lights and computers are turned off, and that window units are off to minimize electricity use. Thanks!

Upcoming Events:

  • September 6 — Labor Day Holiday
  • September 8 — Peanut and Cotton Field Day, Tifton
  • September 14-16 — Georgia Peanut Tour
  • September 16 — Tifton Campus Seminar Series: Large Conf. Rm in old Admin. Bldg., 11am; Speaker: Adam Zeilinger, University of Minnesota
  • September 21-23 — Tri-State Peanut Disease Tour
  • September 23 — Southwest District Recruitment Event, TCCC, 5pm
  • September 30 — Tifton Campus Seminar Series: Large Conf. Rm in old Admin. Bldg., 11am; Speaker: Billy Crow, University of Florida, Gainesville
  • October 7 — Tifton Campus Seminar Series: Large Conf. Rm in old Admin. Bldg., 11am; Speaker: Greg MacDonald, University of Florida, Gainesville
  • October 14 — Tifton Campus Seminar Series: Large Conf. Rm in old Admin. Bldg., 11am; Speaker: Harry Schomberg, USDA-ARS, Watkinsville
  • October 19-21 — Sunbelt Expo
  • October 28 — Tifton Campus Seminar Series: Large Conf. Rm in old Admin. Bldg., 11am; Speaker: Alicia Huffacker, University of Florida, Gainesville