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June 25, 2010

Status of David Langston:

Many of you know that Dr. David Langston (Plant Pathology) became very ill on Thursday and was taken to the hospital. Dr. Langston underwent surgery on Thursday evening to address his illness. There was a hole in his diaphragm and his stomach partially passed through the hole into his chest cavity. The surgical repairs were successful and a full recovery is expected. Dr. Langston will probably be in the hospital (Tift Regional) for about one week, followed by several weeks of recuperation. David and Beth appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and we are all pleased that David is okay. He has not yet been placed in a regular room, although that should occur shortly.

Organic Peanut Field Day:

A very successful organic peanut field day was held was held at Lang/Rigdon and Ponder Farms on June 11. The field day had a very good attendance and a number of research projects were highlighted. Thanks to Dr. Scott Tubbs and others for planning and conducting the field day.

Fall 2010 Orientation:

On June 16, we welcomed our new incoming UGA Tifton undergraduate students! Seventeen students were offered admission to the UGA Tifton Campus, so you will see some new faces on campus in August.

Retirement Celebration for Bruce Shiver and Carol Walker:

Photo: Carol Walker and Bruce ShiverA retirement celebration for Bruce Shiver and Carol Walker was held on Thursday, June 24 at the Tifton Campus Conference Center.

The event was well attended, as we recognized the combined 72 years of service (Bruce-35 years; Carol-37 years) to this campus. Their contributions have been many and we appreciate their hard work and dedication. We wish them well in their retirement.

Both will return for the near term on partial rehires.

West Travel:

You may have noticed that there have been no issues of TUGA Times for a couple of weeks. I had the opportunity to travel to Peru last week and to work in a village on the Amazon River. Similar to last year's trip, this year First Methodist Church of Tifton sent a team of 18 members to conduct dental and youth work, and to build a church. It was a great, hot, and rewarding week in the jungle of the Peruvian Amazon. I have included a couple of pictures of the team at work. Thanks to my UGA team for keeping things running in the Assistant Dean's office during my absence.

Amazon River Mission trip to the jungle of the Peruvian Amazon


Upcoming Events:

  • June 29 — Stripling Research and Education Center Field Day
  • July 8 — Sunbelt Expo Field Day
  • July 29 — Farm Bureau Commodity Day, Tifton Campus
  • August 3-5 — SE Bioenergy Conference
  • August 16 — Fall classes begin
  • August 18 — SE Research and Education Center Field Day, Midville
  • August 26 — SW Research and Education Center Field Day, Plains
  • September 6 — Labor Day Holiday
  • October 19-21 — Sunbelt Expo