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May 28, 2010

Spring Celebration and International Recognition Event:

Last Friday, May 21, a Spring Celebration was held at the newly completed Black Shank Pavilion. This event was multifaceted and was well attended and quite interesting.

Starting at 11 am, an event recognizing Asian Pacific culture was co-hosted by the USDA-ARS Workforce Diversity Committee and the Tifton Campus International Committee. In addition to the program, exhibits and displays were hosted by international members of the Tifton Campus. Following this program, a picnic was enjoyed by about 275 members of the campus. It seems that a good time was had by all. Special thanks to the Social Committee, chaired by Teri Hughes, the International Committee, co-chaired by Xinzhi Ni and Juan Carlos Diaz, and the Workforce Diversity Committee, chaired by Brian Sculley and Jim Carpenter.

Visit by Chinese Delegation:

Today (Friday May 28) the City of Tifton, Tift County, the Development Authority, and the UGA Tifton Campus, are hosting a delegation from Linyi City, Shandong Province, China. This delegation is coming to learn more about the Tifton community, with the potential for establishing a sister city relationship. The goal in establishing a relationship of this type is the potential for future business opportunities, including sales of agricultural commodities to China. Chinese members of the Tifton Campus are helping to host the delegation, demonstrating the international aspects of our campus.

Bandwidth Consumption:

I recently sent out an email expressing concern for non-work related internet use and its effect on bandwidth consumption on this campus. In addition, internet traffic is monitored and recorded by Peachnet, operated by the USG Board of Regents. For everyone's protection, appropriate use of internet resources must be followed. Below find UGA Tifton Campus internet usage the day before my email, and the day following the email. At 3 pm on the day before the email we were using over 81% of our capacity, which dropped to 33.5% at 3 pm the following day (our capacity is 10 megs in/10megs out, total 20 megs both ways). What does this mean? If we are operating at >80% capacity and someone needs to use an internet intensive activity, they likely will not be able to since our bandwidth is being consumed by other activities. In addition, bandwidth must be purchased and paid for on a monthly basis. I purchased an additional 2 meg more bandwidth shortly after assuming my job, increasing to our current 10 megs. Appropriate use of the internet ensures that necessary and needed work related internet activities can be sustained with the bandwidth available. I appreciate everyone's cooperation.

  9:00 AM 11:00 AM 3:00 PM
Prior to email 9.202 15.132 16.274
After email 7.822 8.277 6.708


Chart of bandwidth consumption

Memorial Day Holiday:

As we approach the Memorial Day Holiday, I hope that we all will pause and reflect on what this day really represents. Many, many people have been in harms' way, have fought, and have died, for the freedoms we enjoy in this country. The sacrifices of our military personnel have made our way of life possible. So remember those who have sacrificed for us, and for those today who continue to sacrifice in foreign lands, and give thanks for what those many people who have given for their country, and for us.

Have a safe, happy holiday!

Upcoming Events:

  • June 9 — Peach Field Day - Attapulgus
  • June 29 — Stripling Research and Education Center Field Day
  • July 8 — Sunbelt Expo Field Day
  • July 29 — Farm Bureau Commodity Day, Tifton Campus
  • August 3-5 — SE Bioenergy Conference
  • August 18 — SE Research and Education Center Field Day
  • August 26 — SW Research and Education Center Field Day
  • October 19-21 — Sunbelt Expo