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May 7, 2010

Tifton Campus Awards Ceremony:

The awards ceremony for the UGA Tifton Campus was held on Tuesday April 27 at Conference Center. It was an excellent event as we recognized the contributions of a number of people. Congratulations to all the award recipients. It was a good day, and the ice cream social afterward was very pleasant.

Southscapes articles:

The Spring 2010 edition of the CAES Southscapes magazine contains several articles relating to the UGA Tifton Campus. Dr. Michael Toews' research is featured in an article. Cliff Sims, one of our AES students who will graduate on Saturday, is featured in another article, and the peanut combine that was refurbished by KMC of Tifton for use in peanut research is also highlighted. Overall the UGA Tifton Campus was well represented in Southscapes.

Graduation and Alumni Event:

On Sunday, May 2 a ceremony recognizing graduates from the UGA Tifton Campus was held at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center. Seventeen graduates were recognized at the event which was attended by a number of Tifton Campus faculty, our Dean Scott Angle, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Joe Broder, and nearly 250 friends and family of the graduates. These seventeen graduates also helped to reach another milestone for the academic programs, over 100 graduates! Following the graduation ceremony, a separate ceremony recognizing our alumni and celebrating over 100 graduates was held. The theme of the event was “100 Strong and Growing – Tifton Campus” and our Dean along with former and current students spoke about their experiences here at UGA Tifton. Both events were a great success.

Groundbreaking for the Agricultural Energy Innovation Center:

On Monday of this week Congressman Jack Kingston, Dean Scott Angle and Associate Dean for Research Bob Shulstad, and a large contingent from the Tifton community and several commodity organizations came out for a groundbreaking for the Agricultural Energy Innovation Center, which has been more commonly known around here as the Future Farmstead. Congressman Kingston was instrumental in getting the $1 million grant to start the center, and this center for energy research and the implementation of energy related technologies has great potential for this campus and for the agricultural industries.

Ag Awareness:

The spring Ag Awareness event occurred yesterday (Thursday) on the Tifton Campus. Almost 1600 third grade students from around the region participated, with over 40 presentation stations for classes to choose from. It was an outstanding event with a broad array of presentations. I observed high quality presentations, interested and inquisitive students, and a huge team effort to make it all happen. I appreciate the cooperation from the campus as we closed Rainwater Rd. for the first time to enhance safety for the children. It was definitely the right move as the almost total elimination of traffic increased the safety of participants and helped tremendously with parking for the large number of buses here. This takes a team effort and I want to thank the UGA Tifton Campus personnel for their contributions, and especially thank Benjie Baldree and Tonia Miller for their contributions.

Campus traffic and speed:

Now that the campus is at full speed for the spring planting season and all the associated activities, the campus roads are busy with a mix of trucks, farm implements, and utility vehicles. These vehicles vary greatly in their size, speed, and visibility. I have received comments about excessive speed of some road vehicles as they travel through campus. I am asking everyone to slow down as they travel through campus and to always be alert for other vehicles. ABAC Police maintain security for our campus. I have asked them to be alert for excessive speed on campus, so you could be stopped if your speed is excessive. No one wants to be part of a tragedy.

Campus energy update:

Winter was unusually cold this year, and power bills reflect the weather. Now that warm weather is here, I am again asking that everyone be diligent in managing their environment. During the work day do not lower the thermostat below 74° F. At the end of the work day and for weekends and holidays set thermostats no lower than 80°F. Rooms with temperature sensitive equipment are exempt. Also turn off lights and computers when not in use. I appreciate everyone's cooperation. Reduced energy use has allowed the Tifton Campus to make a significant amount of our budget cuts through those savings.