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March 12, 2010

URGENT MESSAGE - Utilities on the UGA Tifton Campus:

The energy conservation initiative on the UGA Tifton Campus has been quite successful during the 1½ years that we have been striving to become more energy conscious and efficient. During the last fiscal year we saved $98,300 in utility expenses, and in the current fiscal year we are $50,000 ahead of this time last year despite the cold winter we have experienced. Thus we have reduced our energy expenditures by $150,000 over the 1½ year span, which is a credit to the cooperation and participation by members of the Tifton Campus. Budget cuts have forced me to look for ways to conserve funds, and the savings in utilities have contributed greatly to meeting those budget cuts.

Given the current economic challenges it is absolutely crucial that we conserve on utilities to the greatest extent possible. I am asking REIs and unit supervisors to appoint individuals in each building to be responsible for turning down thermostats at the end of the work day and prior to weekends and holidays. Use common sense during the work day. I am not asking for anyone to be uncomfortable but we cannot afford the luxury of excessively warm buildings in winter or very cool buildings in the summer. Turning off lights, computers, copiers, etc. also contribute to savings.

Savings thus far have helped tremendously in meeting budget cuts. There are additional cuts coming. I am asking for everyone's sincere cooperation as we work through this difficult time. Conservation also extends beyond the campus to the farms and research and education centers. I need everyone's help and cooperation. I am appreciative for everything you have done and it is admirable the savings that you have achieved thus far.

UGA Beef Cattle Short Course and Tested Bull Sale:

Last week I had the opportunity to welcome participants to the annual Beef Cattle Short Course held at the Irwinville Bull Test Facility. A large audience heard a number of very good presentations from UGA faculty from all over the state. The following day the Tested Bull Sale was held, where high quality bulls consigned by owners are tested for performance, and sold to cattle operations region wide, improving genetic quality of beef herds.

CAES Research and Education Center Superintendents:

The CAES Research and Education Center (REC) Superintendents statewide met last Friday in Athens. The superintendents met with the CAES administrative team and with department heads to discuss challenges and opportunities facing each REC and to look for ways to improve operations, funding, and efficiency. Even though this meeting had been planned for several months, it was a timely meeting given current events. It was impressive to hear the unity among the group and their desire to continue to provide high quality support to scientists conducting research at their locations.

Moultrie Technical College received $3.7 million grant:

Moultrie Technical College recently received a $3.7 million Green Tift workforce development grant. Moultrie Tech administration hosted a luncheon for cooperators and to roll out the grant announcement. The UGA Tifton Campus is a cooperator on a small portion of the grant which is aimed at preparing the workforce for jobs in three areas of the energy industry: biofuels, energy efficiency assessment and renewable electrical power (solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal). The UGA connection is through the Future Farmstead initiative being led by Dr. Craig Kvien. This unique partnership with Moultrie Tech can lead to a number of opportunities to take renewable energy technology all the way from development to the user.

"Fun"raiser Baskets Reminder:

Hope everyone is working on those basket ideas for this year's Relay For Life fundraiser. Read the following copy of an email sent recently:

Last year, seven units responded to the challenge of providing a “basket”, representing their unit, to be raffled as a fundraiser for Relay For Life! Because of the HUGE success, we are planning to do the "Basket Fundraiser" again this year. So.....please let us know if your unit plans to participate and who that contact person (organizer) for your unit will be, (see below for list of baskets from last year).

Then, put on your very creative thinking caps, come up with an idea for a basket and we'll get to work! Last year, we had the website (thanks again, Tracey) up and running and the grand unveiling of baskets on April 1. In order to meet that same deadline, please try to have your basket name, photo, etc. ready by mid-March.

Once again, we will have a friendly competition between units, treating the winning unit (most tickets sold) to a lunch cooked and served by the Assistant Dean and the *UGA-Relay For Life Team.


  • ADS - "Cookin for A Cure"
  • Bio & Ag - "Engineering A Cure"
  • Crop & Soil - "Harvesting Hope"
  • Entomology - "Squash Out Cancer"
  • NESPAL - "Good Eats"
  • Plant Pathology - "Aloha Vidalia"
  • Students - "Dawghouse"
  • Support Units - "Tailgating for a Cure"

Upcoming Events:

  • Don't forget to change your clock this weekend. It's Daylight Savings Time, so spring ahead!
  • South Georgia Native Plant & Wildflower Symposium: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at the TCCC.
  • Georgia Heifer Evaluation and Reproductive Development (HERD) Sale - April 20, 12:30 p.m. - Tifton Bull Evaluation Center - Irwinville, Georgia.