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January 15, 2010


By now I am sure that most have heard of the transfer of Agrirama operations to ABAC. Although this must occur through legislative action, it is highly probably that this transfer will occur. Agrirama and other state museums took a major budget cut this year and may be in line for additional cuts. Operations at Agrirama were already on a shoestring and further cuts would have made continued operation difficult, perhaps impossible. If the transfer to ABAC occurs, Agrirama will come under the Georgia Board of Regents and would be eligible for formula funds, ensuring continued operations. This transfer may provide the greatest assurance that Agrirama will continue to operate as Georgia's Museum of Agriculture. The missions of ABAC and Agrirama have a number of parallels which should make this new marriage a success. ABAC's new Rural Studies program will likely find new opportunities in the Agrirama, much like the Forest Lakes Golf Course is used in golf course and turf management programs. Continuing Education programs will likely find a home in the Agrirama conference facility, and educational opportunities for ABAC students will expand. So the overall missions of both institutions have many things in common. This will be a challenging transition for all, and I have been assured by Dr. Bridges that UGA will be at the table as the transition plans are developed. Good luck to all parties, because a positive result will be good for the community.

Holiday Weekend:

This is an extended weekend as we prepare to recognize the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Be safe and enjoy the holiday. As you depart for the long holiday please remember to set thermostats, lights, etc. in all buildings. Thanks.

GEDA Legislative Reception:

The Georgia Economic Development Association hosted a legislative reception on Thursday evening at the Georgia Freight Depot near the capitol in Atlanta. The Tifton/Tift County Chamber of Commerce sponsored the reception. A large delegation from Tifton attended the reception, including Niki Coody and I. Niki is the development officer for the UGA CAES in south Georgia and for the Tifton Campus. The local Chamber of Commerce has taken on our proposal for renovation of the teaching space at the RDC as one of their major legislative initiatives for the current session. It is a trying time to get funding for any projects, but it is important that the local Chamber is backing UGA for such an important project. We appreciate that support and will keep all informed of any progress.

Soil Fumigant Training:

We just completed the 2nd of two training sessions that was scheduled for soil fumigant handling. Approximately 110 student workers, technicians, farm managers and specialists participated in the sessions. Special thanks to Hendrix and Dail and DOW for their willingness to come to our campus and conduct the training. As of completion of the 2nd training session, all personnel "involved" with the use of fumigants must have received training. "Involved" refers to any person being in the area during fumigant handling or fumigant application as well as any individual entering the treated area within the labeled fumigant re-entry time frame. This includes all student workers, field supervisors, observers, or those involved in the cutting, perforation, handling and/or removal of the fumigant tarp or plastic cover during and/or after the initial application.

Upcoming Events:

  • Winter School (via Wimba Sessions) - January 19-22
  • Corn Short Course - January 20 - 8:00 AM - TCCC
  • Sigma Xi Seminar - January 21 - 11:00 AM - Old Administration Conference Room - “Land Use Impacts on Sediment and Water Phosphorus (P) Concentrations in Selected Eagle Creek Reservoir Tributaries”- Dr. Candiss Williams, USDA-ARS, Southeast Watershed Research Unit
  • GA Cotton Conference - January 27 - TCCC
  • Tifton Ag Forecast Breakfast - January 28 - 7:00 AM - TCCC
  • Meetings w/REC Superintendents - January 28 - 9:30am until
  • Dean's Wimba Session - February 1 - 11:00 AM