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2013 Awards for Athens Faculty and Staff

During the annual D.W. Brooks awards ceremony on October 1, 2013, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences presented awards to Athens-based faculty and staff.

Administrative/Professional Support — Georgi Austin

 Georgi Austin is the business manager in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. She is responsible for the fiscal oversight of the department, which is comprised of 48 faculty members.

Austin has been with the department for seven years. She oversees pre- and post-grant awards, payroll, purchasing and accounting compliance for the department. She also serves as the backup to the office manager.

Austin first began working in the department as an administrative specialist. She was promoted to senior accountant and later reclassified as business manager II. She previously worked in UGA's Feed and Environmental Water Laboratory as an accounting assistant.

Before working for the university, she worked at Zaxby's Franchising as an accounting clerk and Athens Technical College as a financial aid assistant.

Skilled Trades Support — Chris McKenzie

 Chris McKenzie has served as the feed mill supervisor at the UGA Poultry Research Center since 2007. McKenzie blends custom formulations of corn, soy and nutrients, allowing poultry researchers to test the effect of different rations on growth and other variables.

McKenzie's role is critical to faculty researching livestock nutrition. The mill, which produces specialty feed for poultry and swine research projects, turns out 8 to 10 tons of feed a week.

Over the years, he's really enjoyed learning about animal husbandry and the poultry industry. He especially likes getting to be outdoors and working with faculty and students.

Before taking over the hoppers and grain elevators at the research center, McKenzie spent 11 years doing maintenance on the farm and did a brief stint as farm manager.

McKenzie is originally from Fort Wayne, Ind., but has made Georgia his adopted home state. He lives in Jackson County with his wife Krissy McKenzie and their four children.

Technical Support — John Rema

 John Rema is a research technician in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. He has been working for Dr. Miguel Cabrera for 19 years and enjoys it very much.

Rema is responsible for field and lab work related to the application of animal manures to crop and pasture land. His area of work focuses on poultry litter, as well as a mixture of poultry litter and bedding material. What he enjoys most about his job is the people he works with.

Rema first began working for the department in 1986 as a laboratory assistant for Dr. D.E. Radcliff. Since this was only a temporary position, he was then hired six months later by Dr. Kim Tan as a laboratory technician.

When Tan retired in 1994, Rema moved to Cabrera's lab.

Rema enjoys playing badminton and is an active member of the UGA badminton club, which practices at the Ramsey Student Center. He is married to Molly Rema, and they have two sons.

Outstanding Academic Advisor — Terry Centner

 Terry Centner was presented with the CAES Faculty Award for Outstanding Academic Advisor during the D.W. Brooks awards ceremony.

Centner is a professor in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics. He developed, instituted and now serves as advisor for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' pre-law program, environmental law minor and agribusiness certificate. He also teaches environmental, public health and agribusiness law courses.

His research program involves the policy analysis of current issues confronting agriculture and the environment, including the application of findings that enhance agricultural performance. He has presented lectures, seminars and papers in 30 countries around the world.

Centner's professional activities include memberships in law and economics associations. He has been an active member of the American Agricultural Law Association, serving as secretary-treasurer from 1985-87 and as president for 1992-93.

Prior to joining the university, Centner was an instructor at the University of Arkansas, an Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung research scholar at the University of Goettingen in Germany and a Fulbright Senior Scholar at the University of Mannheim.