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Wild Garlic
Scientific Name - Allium vineale L.
Family - Liliaceae
Cool-season perennial with slender, hollow cylindrical leaves. Leaves occur on the flowering stem up to half the height of the plant. Underground bulb bears offset bulblets that are flattened on one side and enclosed by a membrane. Flowers, greenish-white, small, on short stems above aerial bulbils. Plant with distinctive garlic odor when crushed. Reproduces by seed, aerial bulbils and underground bulblets. Found throughout most of eastern and southern United States, west to Missouri and Arkansas. Also found in Canada, North Africa, and Europe. Wild onion(allium canadense L.) is often found on the same sites as wild garlic. Wild onion can be distinguished from wild garlic br presence of a fibrous coat on the central bulb, no offset bulblets and leaves that arise near the base of a solid flowering stem.





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