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Environmental and Water Issues

Basics of Environmental Models This section contains articles on the basics of environmental management systems (EMS) and best management practices (BMPs). It helps define terminology and differentiates between the two principals.
Water Conservation and
This section contains articles specific to turfgrass water conservation and improving water use efficiency. Included are information on the BMPs approach and specific components of developing site-specific BMPs.
Environmental Management Systems Articles discussing the details of EMS are included in this section. Learn the evolution of EMS and how to take a holistic view of turfgrass facilities.
Cooperators and External Sources Find links to other organizations and groups that have an interest in environmental stewardship and have cooperated in developing turfgrass EMS and BMPs concepts.
e-Newsletters This section includes articles in newsletter format that detail specific strategies to encourage adoption of a BMPs approach to water conservation.  It includes all segments of the Green Industry and, goes so far as to include a proposed statewide water conservation plan for all water users.
Templates Quick link to templates for water and environmental issues.




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