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Water Conservation and Use-Efficiency

BMP's and Water-Use Efficiency/Conservation Plan for Golf Courses: Template and Guidelines
  A site-specific template for developing a BMP's based water conservation plan on a golf course.
State Level BMP Water Conservation Template: Rules for Water Restriction Levels and Key Issues
  State-wide BMP template for green industry groups to use as a model for state or water district regulations that are based on BMP principles for water conservation.
Seven Key Strategies for Fostering State-BMPs For Turfgrass/Landscape Water Conservation
  Key strategies for developing state-wide BMP based water conservation plan for all green industries and all water users.
Golf Course Water Conservation: Best Management Practices (BMP's) and Strategies
  A document for those wishing a more detailed discussion of BMP's strategies for achieving water conservation of golf courses or any turfgrass site.
Best Management Practices for Landscape Water Conservation
BMPs for Turfgrass Water Conservation in Landscapes
BMP's: Critical for the Golf Industry
BMP's Approach to Water Conservation on Golf Courses
Two Case Studies of State BMP's for Water Conservation on Golf Courses: Arizona and Georgia
To Fertilize or Not to Fertilize Turfgrass, That is the Question
  Landscape Line, October 2007, Vol 2 - Issue 4
Beyond Site-Specific Best Management Practices For Water Conservation




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