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Georgia Turfgrasses


Warm-season grasses grow best during the warm months when temperatures reach 80 - 95 °F. in the spring, summer and early fall. They grow vigorously during this time and become brown and dormant in winter.

  • Prefer warm to hot temps 80 to 95 °F
  • Grow best in summer
  • Extended winter dormancy
  • Poor winter tolerance
  • Poor shade tolerance
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Cool-season grasses grow well during the cool months of spring and fall when temperatures average 60 - 75 °F. They may undergo stress, become dormant, or be injured during the hot months of summer and may require significantly more water than the warm-season grasses.

  • Prefer cool to warm temps 65-75 °F
  • Grow best in spring and fall
  • Limited winter dormancy
  • Good winter tolerance
  • Adequate shade tolerance
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