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Weeds of Southern Turfgrasses

Coordinating Author:
Tim R. Murphy - University of Georgia


Daniel L. Colin - University of Florida
Ray Dickens - Auburn University
John W. Everest - Alabama Extension Service
David Hall - KBN Engineering, Inc.
L. B. (Bert) McCarty - Clemson University


Ordering Information from the University of Georgia can be found at:
or you may call (706) 542-8999
Please mention: Special Bulletin 31

Weeds Of Southern Turfgrasses

     Weeds of Southern Turfgrasses is an easy-to-use practical weed identification guide that contains 437 color photographs of 193 weed species that are found in Southern turfgrasses. The book was developed specifically for turfgrass managers; however, it will be useful to anyone interested in identifying weeds of southern turfgrasses. taxonomic descriptions accompany each species and emphasize important identification characteristics

     Though the guide is most applicable to the South, many of the weeds species shown are found across the United States. Consequently, the geographical range of each weed species is listed for the United States, as well as the world.

      Weeds of Southern Turfgrasses will be a valuable identification guide for golf course superintendents, lawn care companies, roadside managers, sod growers, recreational facility managers, chemical company representatives, Extension agents, Vocational Agricultural teachers, turfgrass students, and anyone interested in weed identification.

Features of this Publication:
     - 437 Total Color Photographs
     - Color Photographs of 193 Weeds
     - One to Three Photographs of Each Species
     - Most Species are Photographed in Turfgrass Habitats
     - Twelve Sedge Species, 39 Grass Species, and 135 Species of
          Broadleaf Weeds are Included
     - Easy to Understand Descriptions, Including the Life Cycle, are
          Discussed for Each Species
     - A Glossary of Taxonomic Terminology is Included
     - Each Species is Indexed by Common Name, Scientific Name and
          Alternative Common and Scientific Names.
     - The Book Contains 208 Pages, a Waterpoof, Tearproof Cover, and
          is Sized 6 by 9 Inches for Convenient Transport in Commercial Vehicles




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