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The Landscape Alert

A New Herbicide for Poa Annua Control in Turf
Tom Reed & Patrick McCullough   Feb 2013
Six Easy Steps for Success with Preemergence Herbicides This Spring
Tim R. Murphy   Jan 2013
Slime Mold in Turf
Alfredo Martinez, Mila Pearce, & Lee Burpee   Sept 2012
Slime Molds Popping Up On Irrigated Lawns
William G. Tyson   Sept 2012
Lawn Burweed - It's A Sticky Problem
Tim R. Murphy   May 2012
Growing Grass Under Trees
    Apr 2012
Controlling Annual Bluegrass and Lespedeza in Turf
Patrick McCullough   Mar 2012
Finding Disease Help
    Mar 2012
Management of Large Patch Disease in Turfgrass: Emphasis on Fall Activities
Alfredo Martinez & Lee Burpee   Sept 2011
Turf Diseases Like Large Patch and Take-All Patch Can Pop Up in The Fall
William G. Tyson   Sept 2011
Fall Armyworms in Turf
Will Hudson, Cheri Abraham, and Kris Braman   August 2011
Are Temperatures Too High to Safely Apply Herbicides in Turf?
Patrick McCullough   July 2011
Prevent White Grubs Now!
Will Hudson   July 2011
Disposing of Excess or Old Pesticides (The Right Way!)
Williw Chance   Dec. 2010
Take All & Larege Patch Attack Georgia Lawns
Lee Burpee, Alfredo Martinez, and Mila Pearce   Nov. 2010
Gray Leaf Spot in Turf
Lee Burpee, Alfredo Martinez, and Mila Pearce   July 2010
Spring 2010 Warm-season Turf Update
Clint Waltz and Mary Kay Woodworth   May 2010
Ground or Digger Bees Attack Lawns
Willie Chance   May 2010
New Herbicides for Weed Control in Turf    
Patrick McCullough   Jan 2010

After the Flood: Should Turf Managers Reapply Preemergence Herbicides?

Patrick McCullough and Clint Waltz   Oct. 2009
Preemergence Annual Bluegrass Control in Turfgrass
Patrick McCullough   Sept. 2009
July is a Busy Time in Georgia Lawns & Turf
Willie Chance   July 2009
Educational Services for the Turf & Landscape Industry
Willie Chance   May 2009
MSMA Update for Turfgrass Applications: EPA Revisions
Patrick McCullough and Clint Waltz   May 2009
New Trends in Combination Products for Turfgrass Weed Control
Patrick McCullough   April 2009
Is it Safe to Apply Herbicides During Spring Green-Up of Turfgrasses?
Patrick McCullough   April 2009
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