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Finding Good Help for Turf Disease Management


Warm season turf has a difficult time in fall and spring making the transition from growing to dormant and back to actively growing again. We often see diseases in turf in spring and fall. Proper disease identification and control practices are important in managing turf disease. Here are some references that can help you with turf disease control.

 Turfgrass Diseases in Georgia: Identification and Control - This publication is a comprehensive guide to identifying and controlling turfgrass diseases in Georgia.

 Turfgrass Diseases: Quick Reference Guide - For eleven major diseases, this Guide lists:

 ·         Causal agent

·         Susceptible turfgrasses

·         Conditions promoting disease

·         Symptoms and Control

Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides - This publication is a guide to common turfgrass diseases and chemical controls. One of the tools in this publication is a chart on Efficacy of Turfgrass Fungicides which allows turf managers to select the fungicide which best controls each disease.

 Abiotic Injuries and Disorders of Turfgrasses in Georgia - Turfgrass stands can be injured and damaged by biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) agents. Determining whether the condition is caused by a biotic or an abiotic agent can be challenging.



Centipedegrass Decline 

Identification and Control of Spring Dead Spot in Georgia 

Ten Steps to a Healthier Home Lawn - The key to disease control is a healthy plant. These management practices will help achieve vigorous, healthy turf and reduce turfgrass disease problems.

Georgia Turf – This website has numerous resources for pest management and culture of all major turf types in Georgia.

Past Landscape Alerts on turf topics – Topics include turf diseases.

Turfgrass Pest Control Recommendations for Professionals – Find pesticide recommendations and other information.

Turfgrass Management Smartphone App - Turfgrass Management is a comprehensive application that contains pictures, information, and recommendations for managing turf weeds, diseases, and insects.


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