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UGA Extension ‘extends’ the university’s educational resources to offer lifelong learning to the people of Georgia through unbiased, research-based education in agriculture, the environment, communities, youth and families. These resources are available to the landscape, turf & nursery industry in many ways.

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Call your local UGA Extension Office – (800) ASK-UGA1 from any non-mobile phone.


Online Landscape Information

Find more than 250 factsheets at 

Search UGA Extension publications at

The Landscape Alert educates the Georgia landscape industry through email about current issues, pests and opportunities. Subscribe by emailing or see past issues archived online at

Online safety videos ( and other videos ( make a great 'rainy day' or 'any day' training.


Super Crew Video Series

The SuperCrew video series brings professional training to your location at your convenience. It was developed in cooperation with industry leaders and endorsed by professional organizations. Each DVD training is narrated in both English and Spanish and includes discussion questions and multiple-choice exams in each language. To order or for more information -

Topics include:

Being Safe with Grounds Equipment                                          Installation and Establishment of Turfgrasses

Annual Bed Preparation and Installation                                    Planting Procedures for Woody Ornamentals

Employee's Role in Landscape Problem Solving                        Introduction to Pesticide Safety

Quality Landscape Management: The Employee's Role

Job Safety for the Professional Landscape Employee

Making Every Drop Count: The Employee's Role in Water Conservation


Hispanic Training

 OSHA "Safety Makes Sense" Online Video Series, presented by the UGA Center for Urban Agriculture are available at – The site includes other training materials.


Purchase bilingual Super Crew videos -

 For information on in-person/on- site training, contact Karen Atkins –, (478) 987-2028.

Georgia Certified Landscape Professional (GCLP)

There are approximately 8,000 horticultural related businesses in Georgia.  How can you set yourself apart from the masses?  Prove you are the best in the business by taking the GCLP challenge.  Landscape contractors receive a 22 chapter reference manual and access to an online course.  It is a self study course that can be completed while you continue to grow your business.  Written and hands-on exams are offered several times a year.  For more information please contact the UGA Center for Urban Agriculture at 770-233-6107 or visit online at  

UGA Pest Management Handbook

UGA Extension produces an annual Pest Management Handbook. The handbook has many uses for pesticide applicators. It includes:

  • Pesticide recommendations for most major pests and crops. This can include pesticide rates, recommendations on application, post harvest or re-entry interval and other information.
  • Pesticide handling and safety information.

The Handbook can be accessed online at You can also purchase hard copies from this website. UGA Extension produces two editions – one for homeowners and one for commercial agricultural businesses (which includes landscapers, nurseries, golf courses and greenhouses.)

The 2009 Turfgrass Pest Control Recommendations for Professionals will soon be returning from the printers. The Georgia Turfgrass Association (GTA) has footed the bill for publishing these recommendations. I hope agents will have these free guides to Turf pesticides within the month. The publication is available online now at

Soil Testing

Standard soil samples will tell you how to lime and fertilize plants for best growth. Cost ranges from $6.00 to about $10.00. Bring samples to your local Extension Office. For more information see this website

You can also order soil testing kits that allow you to submit samples through the mail. The $15 kit includes sampling instructions, a soil sample bag and pre-paid mailer. Visit

Specialized analyses are available for greenhouse or nursery media and other soils. Cost for these special samples varies with the sample.

Nematode assays identify the presence, numbers and type of nematodes in the soil around the roots of the plant. Assays are free if we are troubleshooting or $25 for routine samples.

Pesticide and Chemical analyses cost more ($50-$100 or more) and are available but are usually not necessary to diagnose most problems. Consider other factors first.

Water & Media Sampling

Water samples are very useful for greenhouse & nursery operators since many fertilizers are applied via irrigation. Water quality can greatly affect the nutrition and health of greenhouse and some nursery crops. Water sampling is one of the first steps to a good fertility program in greenhouse crops. For more information go to – Water and media sampling can help supply proper information for making the best decisions in producing plants and preventing and solving problems. 

Plant, Insect and Disease Samples

Many problems can be diagnosed over the phone, by email or by bringing a sample to the Extension office. There may be a charge for some samples.

Online Weather Data

Weather stations across Georgia monitor air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, soil temperature, soil moisture and barometric pressure. This information is updated every 15 minutes and posted at . Users can get current and historical weather data.

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Compiled by Willie Chance

For more Landscape Alerts please visit the Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture



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