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July is a Busy Time in Georgia Lawns & Turf

Willie Chance
Houston County Extension Agent, University of Georgia

June and July are excellent times to prevent white grubs in turf. Most white grubs have a one year life cycle in Georgia. Adult beetles lay eggs in late spring or early summer. The eggs hatch into grubs which feed and grow through the summer and fall and then spend the winter deep in the soil. They become active as the soil warms in the spring, and feed on turf roots for a few days to a few weeks, depending on the species. They then turn into pupae before emerging as adult beetles to continue the cycle. (Read more)

Early July is a good time to treat for mole crickets. Mole crickets are tan-colored, cricket-like insects that feed on plant roots. They can be up to one inch long, with short, stout forelegs, spade-like feet and large, dark eyes. Young are like adults but without wings and smaller and darker. (Read more)

Check lawns now for chinch bugs! Chinch bugs have become more of a threat to lawns in the past few years. Dry weather may be making lawns more susceptible to chinch bugs. Inspect now for chinch bugs before these insects yellow and kill the lawn.

Typical chinch bug injury can begin as yellowing grass followed by spreading patches of straw-brown, dead grass. St. Augustine grass is the most seriously injured but Zoysia, Bermuda, Bahia, and centipede grasses are also attacked. Chinch bug infestations and damage are often first noticed during hot dry periods in sunny areas of the lawn or at the edge of the lawn. (Read more)


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