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All numbered Extension publications must undergo a formal review process. Special bulletins and miscellaneous publications should undergo an internal review prior to receiving an Extension publication number. Bulletins and Circulars go through a more rigorous review process and should be refereed and reviewed by internal as well as outside reviewers prior to receiving a Extension publication number. Categories for Extension publications include:

Bulletins: Extension publications designated as bulletins cover a broad subject area, contain several topics and require multiple pages. Bulletins represent a major writing effort. Bulletins address different individual topics in a particular discipline or a series of individual discipline subjects for a specific commodity with references. (Examples: Lawns in Georgia, Water Quality for Private Water Systems, Commercial Production of Tomatoes, etc.)
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Circulars: An Extension circular is a publication that is more narrowly focused than a bulletin. A circular is a treatise of one subject in a limited stand-alone form with references. A series of Circular topics that have a common theme may be compiled to make up a Bulletin or components of a Special Bulletin if reviewed and approved by the reviewers. (Examples: Lady Beetles: Friends or Foe?; many publications formerly designated as leaflets or fact sheets)
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Leaflets & Fact Sheets:
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Special Bulletins: Publications that address a comprehensive issue and the components come from varied disciplines and commodity issues. These publications are generally large handbooks on subjects or issue-related materials. (Examples include: Pest Control Handbook, spray guides, pesticide application training manuals, workbooks, etc.)
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Miscellaneous Publications and Works: This category is for topics and works that do not fit into the above categories. This includes short educational material on discipline Internet sites as well as brief material to be used as handouts for educational programs. The department or discipline must internally review these materials. (Examples include: demonstration or applied research reports, county or cluster information sheets or information developed for discipline web sites).
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Research Bulletins:
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For Sale Publications are any materials that are sold to clientele. For sale publications may be bulletins, circulars or special bulletins.


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