The Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
The University of Georgia

2002-2003 Small Grain Performance Tests
Research Report Number 688
July 2003



Dr. J. W. Johnson, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Griffin Campus, Griffin, GA 30223-1797.

AGS 2485 is a high yielding, excellent test weight, medium maturing and medium tall soft red winter wheat cultivar. It is resistant to currently predominate races of Hessian fly and powdery mildew and moderately resistant to leaf rust and susceptible to soil-borne wheat mosaic virus and stripe rust. AGS 2485 will be marketed by AGSouth Genetics.

Horizon 474 is a winter oat which performs well for both grain and forage production in the Southeast. It is high yielding, excellent test weight, good crown rust resistance, and early maturing.

Several wheat cultivars have been released by private companies for production in Georgia: Vigoro Tribute, NK Coker 9152, SS 520 and SS 535.