2002-2003 Small Grain Performance Tests Table of contents
The Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
The University of Georgia
Research Report Number 688
July 2003
Calhoun, Georgia:
Oat Grain Performance, 2002-2003
Oat varieties were planted at this location on December 2, 2002.  However,
extensive damage from late planting and water-logged soil conditions caused
very low yields and considerable variation in performance among plots within
the test.  After careful analysis and review of this data, it is the opinion of the
editors that the results of this trial may not accurately reflect the performance
potential of all test entries.  Since this data could be misleading if used in
making decisions concerning variety selection, we have chosen not to present
them in this publication.
Planted: December 2, 2002.
Harvested: June 16, 2003.
Seeding Rate: 11 seeds per foot in 7" rows.
Soil Type: Waynesboro loam.
Soil Test: P = High, K = High, and pH = 6.3.
Fertilization: Preplant: 25 lb N, 50 lb P2O5, and 75 lb K2O/acre.
Topdress: 70 lb N/acre.
Management: Chisel plowed, disked, and rototilled.
Previous Crop: Canola.
Test conducted by P. A. Rose, G. Rawls, and J. Stubbs.