2003 Peanut, Cotton, and Tobacco Performance Tests
The Univeristy of Georgia Research Report Number 692
January 2004
Table of Contents
Midville, Georgia:
Later Maturity Cotton Strains Performance, 2003, Irrigated
A later maturing cotton strains experiment was planted at this location on
May 15, 2003.  However, extensive damage from soil erosion and water-
logged soil conditions from excessive rainfall caused plant stunting and
considerable variation in performance among plots within the test.  After
careful analysis and review, it is the opinion of the editors that the results
of this trial would not reflect the performance potential of all test entries.
Since results from this plot area could be misleading if used in making
decisions concerning variety selection, harvest data was not taken.
Planted: May 15, 2003.
Fertilization: 75 lb N, 48 lb P2O5, and 64 lb K2O/acre.
Management: Telone II applied 3 gal/acre and Temik applied 4 lb/acre.
May June   July Aug. Sept. Oct.
Rainfall (in): 8.33 6.01 12.69 2.91 1.71 3.55
Irrigation (in):    0    0    0 3.25   0   0
Trials conducted by Larry Thompson, Grant Henderson, Stephen Walker, and Lloyd May.