2001-2002 Small Grain Performance Tests
The Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
The University of Georgia
Research Report Number 682
July 2002


Dr. J. W. Johnson, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences,
Georgia Station, Griffin, GA 30223-1797.

The Small Grains Breeding Program released a new oat cultivar, Horizon 474 (PVP applied for). "Horizon 474" was approved for release in 2002. It is a winter oat with excellent test weight, good crown rust resistance, and early maturity. Horizon 474 has been tested under two experimental numbers: FLX474-1-B2-8-W1 and FL88 Coker D-54-W1. It was a selection made from the cross (designated X474): Coker 85-18/Coker 78-28/Coker 79-26. It is most similar to the variety Florida 501 but has white seed whereas Florida 501 has yellow seed. Horizon 474 was also licensed to Plantation Seeds, Newton, Georgia for marketing and will be available for the first time in the fall of 2002. Both Horizon 314 and Horizon 474 will be protected under U.S. Plant Variety Protection Act.

The new wheat cultivar released by private companies for production in Georgia are AgriPro Crawford, NK Coker 9152, and SSR 520.

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