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National Allium Research Conference 2008

The NARC 2008 Conference was held from December 10-13, 2008 in Savannah, Georgia. The following information from the conference is available.

General Information

2008 Proceedings (PDF)
2008 Participant List (PDF)


Session 1 Presenter File Link
Consumer Trends - The Links from Seed to Fork Kim Reddin PDF
Potential Management of Sour Skin by Double-Cropping Onions with Pearl Millet R. Gitaitis PDF
Detection of Pantoea ananatis in New York-Grown Onions and Development of Pathogenicity Tests of Pantoea ananatis Eric A. Carr PDF
USDA Specialty Crops Research Initiative (SCRI) Michael Havey PDF
Session 2    
Evaluation of Seed Treatments for Soilborne Damping-off Pathogens and Seedborne Fungi of Onion Lundsey du Toit PDF
Powdery Mildew (Leveillula taurica) Incidence on Onion Cultivars and Some Native Flowering Plants in the Treasure Valley Region of Idaho and Oregon Ram Sampangi PDF
Activity of Fungicides and Biological Control Agents Against Garlic White Rot, Fresno Co., 2008 Thomas Turini PDF
Session 3    
A Gas Sensor Array for Sour Skin Detection in Vidalia Onion Storage Changying "Charlie" Li PDF
Irrigation Scheduling for Drip-irrigated Onion Clinton C. Shock PDF
Irrigation Intensity, Irrigation Frequency, and Emiter flow Rate for Drip-irrigaed Onion Erik B.G. Feibert PDF
Comparison of Onions Grown from Imported Bare Root and Locally Grown Plug Transplants in New York Christy Hoepting PDF
Session 4    
A Fast and Uniform Absorbency Reading Time is Essential in Accurate Measurement of Pyruvic Acid when DNPH is Reacted to Undiluted Onion Juice Kil Sun Yoo PDF
Using Onion Waste to Produce Energy Gary L. Hawkins PDF
USDA Onion Breeding and Genetics, 20 Years of Studying CMS   PDF
Session 5    
Genetics of Fructan Accumulation in Onion   PDF
Spirotetramat for Management of Thrips in Onions Charles Hicks PDF
Managing Insecticides for Maximum Efficacy Against Thrips in Dry Bulb Onion in The Oregon/Idaho Production Region Lynn Jensen PDF
Spray Coverage of Onion: Interaction of Nozzle Angle, Water Volume and Surfactant Jennifer Allen PDF
Session 6    
Thrips Species Shift in the Vidalia Production Region of Georgia A. Sparks PDF
Impact of Carbamate Insecticides on Thrips Populations and IYSV Incidence in Onions Mike Thornton PDF
Thrips & IYSV Sources in Colorado Onion Production Systems H.f. Schwartz PDF
Session 7    
Population Dynamics of Onion Thrips and Incidence of Iris Yellow Spot Virus in Treasure Vallue Region of Idaho and Oregon Ram Sampangi PDF
Identifying Sources of IYSV in New York's Onion Cropping System Brian A. Nault PDF
Genetic Diversity of IYSV Sudeep Bag PDF
Onion Variety Response Iris Yellow Spot Virus Clink Shock PDF
Tracking the Spread of Iris Yellow Spot Virus (Tospovirus) in Onion Fields Cynthia Hsu PDF
New Products in Development at BCS for Management of Thrips in Onions Bayer CropScience PDF
Specialty Crops Research Initiative (2009-2012): Ensuring U.S. Onion Sustainability: Breeding and Genomics to Control Thrips and IYSV Mike Havey PDF
IYSV and Thrips Work 2008   PDF
Iris Yellow Spot Virus - Status in New Zealand Stephen Ogden PDF
Movement of IYSV Within Onion Plants Cynthis Hsu PDF
Screening Onion Entries for IYSV Resistance/Tolerance   PDF
Thrips & IYSV Management in Colorado Onion Production Systems H.F. Schwartz PDF
Controlling Thrips with Insecticides Brian A. Nault PDF


This link will bring you to an Adobe Web Photo Gallery of images taken at the conference.

Past Proceedings