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Vidalia Onions are Georgia’s number one vegetable commodity with around 12,000 acres planted annually and a farmgate value averaging $150 million (Vidalia Onion Committee, 2010). Southeast Georgia is an ideal location for sweet onion production. Growing these naturally mild onions in our low sulfur soils with abundant irrigation results in some of the mildest onions produced in the world.

The University of Georgia is committed to serving this industry through research and extension activities. Several faculty members have active research and extension programs to serve this industry. Work is underway in many areas including variety evaluation, disease and pest management, cultural practices, and organic production.

Research facilities are available at the Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Center (VOVRC) in Lyons, Ga. as well as the Vidalia Onion Research Laboratory (VORL) in Tifton. The VOVRC consists of 140 acres with facilities for drying and grading onions while the VORL has 14 controlled atmosphere storage units, which represents the largest such research facility in the Southeast.

This Website is a clearinghouse for research and extension information concerning Vidalia onions. There is a searchable database of the Vidalia Onion Research-Extension Reports dating back to 1992. In addition, there are links to extension publications related to onions and the Vidalia Vegetable News.