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This Web page provides links to additional information about switchgrass and its uses as a forage crop, bioenergy crop, and wildlife habitat. Though several links are provided to other pages from the University of Georgia, many other links are provided to sites to other universities and government agencies in the Southeast. Some links are also provided to private and corporate entities. (Links marked with a "~" indicate a Web page that is tied to a private/corporate entity or other potentially biased organization.) Mention or reference to any commercial site or product does not imply endorsement by the University of Georgia.* 

General Information on Switchgrass


Growing Switchgrass for Biomass/Bioenergy


    Miscellaneous Biomass/Bioenergy Links:
ceres: the energy crop company™
  ~ Ceres Trials Energy Crops at Georgia Biofuel Facility
  ~ Mendel Biotechnology - Biofuel Feedstocks
  ~ Renewable Fuels Association - Ethanol Industry Statistics



Growing Switchgrass for Forage


Growing Switchgrass for Wildlife Habitat




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