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Seed Seminar - 2009

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Georgia Peanut Farm Show

Seed Seminar


Thursday, January 15, 2009

1:00 – 2:45 PM

Albany Civic Center

Albany, GA


Buddy Thomas, Chairman, American Peanut Shellers Association Committee on Variety & Seed Development

Southeastern Peanut Extension Presentations

Kris Balkcom, Alabama

Dr. David Wright, Florida

Dr. John Beasley, Georgia

A Manufacturers Perspective on the Future of the Peanut Industry

Bill Brown, Smuckers / Jif

An Update on Peanut Genomics from the American Peanut Council

Dr. Darlene Cowart

Update on Variety Increase

Dr. Jim Bostick – Alabama Crop Improvement Association

Dr. Mike Garland - Georgia Seed Development Commission

Tom Stadsklev- Florida Foundation Seed Producers

Farm Saved Seed  - Know the Law

Terry Hollifield – GA Crop Improvement Association
Question & Answer Session Buddy Thomas, Moderator


Peanut Seed Breeders 

(Invited to Attend & to be available for Questions & Answers)

Dr. Ernest Harvey, National Peanut Research Lab

Dr. Charles Chen, National Peanut Research Lab

Dr. Bill Branch, Professor/Peanut Breeder, University of Georgia

Dr. Barry Tillman, Professor/Peanut Breeder, University of Florida

Dr. Roy Pittman, USDA /ARS

Dr. Corley Holbrook, USDA/ARS

Sponsored by:

                                    Southern Peanut Farmers Federation

                                    The Peanut Foundation

                                    American Peanut Shellers Association


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