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Peanut Information Network System: Training Materials

Hot Topics on Peanuts - A part of the 2005 Georgia Peanut Tour

August 30 , 2005
Marriot Hotel
Columbus, GA

Sponsored by:

The Georgia Peanut Commission and The Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center University of Georgia and The National Center for Peanut Competitiveness
University of Georgia

Agenda and Presentations

2:00-2:10 Opening Remarks Dr. Yen-Con Hung
2:10-2:25 Research and Extension Needs For the Peanut Industry - A Prospective From the Georgia Peanut Commission Mr. Emory Murphy
2:25-2:45 Market outlook and the emergence of value-added opportunities Dr. Nathan Smith
2:45-3:05 Uniform peanut performance tests - A database for peanut quality parameters Dr. Chris Butts
3:05-3:25 Functional ingredients from peanuts Dr. Anna Resurreccion
3:25-3:40 Peanut burger and peanut pasta Dr. Yen-Con Hung
3:40-4:00 2005 Georgia peanut crop Dr. John Beasley
4:00 - Social  
  National Peanut Board presentation Dr. Wes Shannon

Please click the links in the table for a pdf copy of that presentation.

Photo Gallery

Anna Resurreccion Hot Topics 2005 attendees Dr. John Beasley, Hot Topics 2005

Dr. Nathan Smith, Hot Topics 2005 Dr. Angle, 2005 Hot Topics Dr. Wes Shannon, Hot Topics 2005

Hot Topics 2005 social #1 Hot Topics 2005 social #2 Hot Topics 2005 social #3

Hot Topics 2005 social #4

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