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Peanut Information Network System: Training Materials

Hot Topics on Peanuts - A part of the 2004 Georgia Peanut Tour

August 31 , 2004

Sponsored by:

The Georgia Peanut Commission and The Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center University of Georgia and The National Center for Peanut Competitiveness
University of Georgia

Agenda and Presentations

4:00-4:10 Opening Remarks Dr. Yen-Con Hung
4:10-4:30 Status of U.S. Peanut Program Dr. Stanley Fletcher
4:30-4:45 Role of peanuts in a healthy diet Dr. Richard Mattes
4:45-5:00 Incorporating peanut into your diet Mr. Mark Thomas

Peanut based products from around the world

Dr. Manjeet Chinnan
5:30-5:45 Bioactive peptides from peanuts Dr. Dick Phillips
5:45-6:00 New peanut variety update Dr. John Baldwin
6:00- Social  
  New advances in electrolyzed water technology Mrs. Kay McWatters

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Hot Topics 2004 check-in #1 Hot Topics 2004 check-in #2 speaker #1, Hot Topics 2004

speaker #2, Hot Topics 2004 Hot topics 2004 meeting attendees Peanut burger taste preference test

Taste preference test Peanut flour crackers Peanut burger

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