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Digging Peanuts

Commodities: Field Crops

Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea)

Peanut Scientists

University of Georgia and USDA scientists conduct research and extension programs on all aspects of peanut production. The majority of these scientists are located at the University of Georgia's Coastal Plain Experiment Station at Tifton. The remaining scientists are located at the Georgia Station at Griffin, the main campus at Athens, and the USDA's National Peanut Research Lab at Dawson. (more)

Peanut Production

Producing a peanut crop involves a broad spectrum of cultural practices. These include: agronomics, fertilization, cultivar selection, pest management (weeds, insects, diseases), irrigation, mechanization, economics and marketing. Also the link for information on Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus and the TSWV Risk Index. (more)

Peanut Publications

The University of Georgia has numerous publications related to peanut production. Check here for a list of the publications that are available through the UGA Cooperative Extension county offices. (more)

Peanut Calendar

Check here to find out what's happening when and where in the peanut industry. A list of county extension peanut production meetings is also available. (more)

Peanut Links and Industry Associations

Check the latest peanut news by connecting with peanut magazines, crop reports, and other miscellaneous peanut links. Also link up with peanut industry associations that represent growers, shellers, and all other segments of the peanut industry. (more)

Weather Links

Weather has a tremendous affect on peanut production. This link provides access to numerous weather related sites, including the University of Georgia maintained Georgia Automated Environmental Monitoring Network. At the GAEMN site, you can check rainfall and four-inch soil temperature data for the previous seven days, as well as drought maps for the peanut producing region of Georgia. (more)