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Forage-Related Publications from UGA Extension

This is only a partial listing of available titles as many older publications are not available electronically. Hard copies of these older publications are available through your local county extension office. We are currently in the process of updating older publications and eventually all publications will be linked through this site.

Files below are linked in either HTML or PDF format. Almost any browser can view HTML format. PDF files are more attractive and 'paper friendly' but require Adobe Acrobat to view.


Document Type
Alfalfa Management in Georgia
Annual Ryegrass Control in Georgia Hayfields
Beef Management Calendar
Best Management Practices for Storing and Applying Poultry Litter
Blister Beetles in Georgia Alfalfa Hay
Calibration of Manure Spreaders
Common Terms Used in Animal Feeding and Nutrition
Cutting Costs, Not Corners: Managing Cattle in Tough Times
Economics of Farm Storage Buildings
Fences for the Farm
Fences for Horses
Forage Systems for Horses in Georgia
Forage Systems for Stocker Cattle
Forage Use and Grazing Herd Management during a Drought
Grazing Impacts on Pasture Composition
Georgia Forages: Grass Species
Georgia Forages: Legume Species
Georgia Forages: Quick facts about forages and grasslands in Georgia
Land Application of Livestock and Poultry Manure
Leafspot Diagnosis and Management in Bermudagrass Forages
Managing Bermudagrass Stem Maggots
Meat Goat Production in Georgia
Nitrate Toxicity
Novel Endophyte-Infected Tall Fescue
Poultry Litter Application on Pastures and Hayfields
Planting Guide to Grasses and Legumes for Forage and Wildlife in Georgia
Selecting a Forage Bermudagrass Variety
Selenium in Georgia Soils and Forages: Importance in the Livestock Industry
Soil and Fertilizer Management Considerations for Forage Systems in Georgia
Soil Testing- Soil pH and Salt Concentration
Stockpiling Tall Fescue for Fall and Winter Grazing
The Management and Use of Bahiagrass
The Management and Use of Switchgrass in Georgia
UGA Basic Balancer Spreadsheet (Instructions PDF)
UGA Feed Cost Analyzer (Introduction)
Understanding and Improving Forage Quality
White Clover Establishment and Management Guide


National Publications

These are publications that have been assembled by various experts from across the country. Below each title is a brief description of the publication.
New - Stocker Cattle: Performance and Calculated Pasture Costs
This publication has been put together by Dr. Don Ball and his colleagues at Auburn University. It presents a comparison of several potential forage systems for stocker cattle development.
New - Extending Grazing and Reducing Stored Feed Needs
This publication presents strategies for reducing dependence on hay and other stored feeds by focusing on forage species and strategies that extend the grazing season.
New - Growing Alfalfa in the South
Despite what you may have been told, alfalfa can be produced in the South. However, attempts to grow it using methods and varieties adapted to other regions of the US will fail. This publication presents the keys to successfully growing alfalfa in the South.
Alfalfa - The High Quality Hay for Horses
This publication covers how alfalfa hay fits into horse rations.
Electric Fencing for Serious Graziers
This publication was put together by the USDA-NRCS in Missouri. It is one of the most comprehensive publications on electric fencing that is available. It is full of excellent color photographs and illustrations.
Maintaining Healthy Horse Pastures
This a one-page description of how to maintain productive horse pastures.
Minimizing Losses in Hay Storage and Feeding
Topics discussed in this publication include how storage methods affect dry matter and quality losses.
Recommended Principles for Proper Hay Sampling
This publication outlines the basics of obtaining a representative forage sample from a hay lot.
Ten Keys to a Profitable Forage Program
This factsheet summarizes the 10 components of a strong forage management system.
Tall Fescue Endophyte Concepts
This publication presents a review of the challenges associated with the endophyte in tall fescue.
Tall Fescue Online Monograph
This online book is simply the most comprehensive work on the use of tall fescue as a forage crop. In addition to a complete overview of the current state of knowledge regarding tall fescue for forage, it provides a very thorough history of tall fescue from its origins, through the discovery of the endophyte as the causal agent for fescue toxicosis, and the development of novel endophyte technologies.
Understanding Forage Quality
This article presents a good discussion of the factors effecting forage quality and the meaning behind many forage quality parameters (except RFQ).
Watering Systems for Serious Graziers
This publication was put together by the USDA-NRCS in Missouri. It is one of the most comprehensive publications on watering systems for MiG. It is full of excellent color photographs and illustrations.