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Frequently Asked Questions

This webpage is a great place to start when you are looking for information on a variety of topics. That's because this page contains answers to the most frequently asked questions. Search for a specific topic using the search engine below or scan through the latest additions below.


Latest and Most Common Questions

  • Should I use a Silage Inoculate? (html) (pdf)
  • How much N should I be putting on my winter forages during the winter? (pdf)
  • How exactly is bermudagrass vegetatively established? (pdf)
  • Who's available to sprig bermudagrass in Georgia? (html)
  • Who's on the list of certified spriggers for bermudagrass in Georgia? (html)
  • What is RFQ (Relative Forage Quality)? (html) (pdf)
  • How do you use RFQ (Relative Forage Quality) to categorize hay? (pdf)
  • How do you estimate the weight of round hay bales? (pdf)
  • Browning Bermuda: What’s going on in my field? (html) (pdf)
  • What has caused my bermudagrass to thin and be less productive? (html) (pdf)
  • What is the right time of day to cut hay? (html) (pdf)
  • What are some considerations about mob grazing pastures in the Southeast? (html)
  • How can I successfully use soybean as a forage crop? (html)
  • Should I save my spouted wheat to feed to my cattle? (pdf)
  • What are some rules of thumb for knowing when it is time to harvest forage for hay (i.e., bermudagrass, tall fescue, annual ryegrass, alfalfa, oats, etc.)? (html) (pdf)
  • What hay probe do you recommend and where can I get one? (html) (pdf)
  • What forage types make the highest quality and quantity of hay? (html) (pdf)
  • What is Pure Live Seed (PLS)? (html) (pdf)
  • Grassoline...really? (html)
  • When will farmers sell switchgrass for bioenergy? (html)

Other Common Questions

  • Who can provide perennial peanut rhizomes and be hired to establish a new field of perennial peanuts? (pdf from Florida, but contains Georgia producers)
  • Is it feasible to stockpile bermudagrass for fall and early winter grazing? (pdf)
  • What about growing switchgrass in Georgia? (html) (pdf)
  • Is there a way to test for toxic fescue in my pastures (or hayfields)? (html) (pdf)
  • What is it about tall fescue that causes animal problems (i.e., fescue toxicosis)? (html) (pdf)
  • What is Management-intensive Grazing (MiG) and what can it do for my farm? (pdf)
  • What do all of those grazing terms mean? (pdf)
  • How long should I wait to graze newly planted forages? (html) (pdf)
  • Does aerating or using a renovator on hay and pasture fields pay? (html) (pdf)
  • Is orchardgrass a good grass species for horse pastures? (html) (pdf)
  • Is there a difference in drying time between flail type and roller type conditioners? I am considering buying one or the other and need advice. (html) (pdf)
  • What is the nutritional value of corn fodder/stover (stalks, shucks, and left over grain after harvesting)? What is it worth? (html) (pdf)
  • I've got a lot of Johnsongrass (or Sorghum, sudangrass, etc.) in my pasture/hayfield and we just got a frost. What should I do about prussic acid poisoning? (html) (pdf)
  • My pastures contain a lot of dallisgrass and I have noticed that my animals get spooked real easy. Is there a connection? (html) (pdf)
  • My supplier has got a cheaper variety of rye, wheat, oats, or ryegrass. What's the difference between it and the ones you recommend? (html) (pdf)
  • I have a lot of sicklepod, coffee senna (aka coffee weed), and/or pigweed in a crop field. I want to graze or bale up the crop residue. Are those weeds going to cause a problem? (html) (pdf)