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Feb. 16, 2017 12:30 - 5 p.m. | UGA Livestock Instructional Arena | Athens, GA
Mar. 23, 2017 12:30 - 5 p.m. | Walker Co. Ag Center | Rock Springs, GA


Tall fescue is one of the most important forage grasses in the U.S. It is planted on around 40 million acres across the country. But, much of this tall fescue is infected with a toxin-producing endophyte (fungus living inside of a plant). The toxic endophyte in tall fescue is reportedly responsible for over $2 billion in lost animal performance each year.

The UGA Forage Extension Program is proud to have hosted an in-depth workshop which detailed the mechanisms of fescue toxicosis and provided management strategies to prevent or deal with these challenges. Program materials and details can be found below.

Program Materials

The complete notebook from the 2017 Tall Fescue Workshops can be viewed here.


 Tall Fescue: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly (PDF | PPT)

Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA Assoc. Professor and Forage Extension Specialist

County Extension Faculty

 The Effect of Alkaloids in Toxic Tall Fescue on the Animal (PDF)

Dr. Nick Hill, Professor, Crop & Soil Sciences Dept., UGA - Athens 

Grazing Tall Fescue: A Review of Animal Production Trials (PDF | PPT)

Dr. Jennifer Tucker, Asst. Professor, Animal & Dairy Sciences Dept., UGA - Tifton

Tall Fescue Toxicosis: The State of the Science (PDF)

Dr. Glen Aiken, Research Leader and Animal Scientist, USDA-ARS Forage- Animal Production Research Unit, Lexington, KY

Management Recommendations to Minimize or Eliminate Fescue Toxicosis (PDF | PPT)

         Supplemental material: Nipping Tall Fescue in the Bud

Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA Assoc. Professor and Forage Extension Specialist

Novel Endophyte Tall Fescue: 17 Years of Market Experience (PDF)

Chris Agee, Pennington Seed Company

Tall Fescue Breeding Efforts at UGA (PDF)

                            Dr. Ali Missaoui, Assoc. Professor and Forage Breeder, UGA