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Grazing School for Milk Producers - 2010


For the first time ever, we held a Grazing School specifically for pasture-based dairy producers. Though it was a last minute addition brought on by very high demand for our annual School, the first Grazing School for Milk Producers was a resounding success! Though we operated off of a similar program to the more general Grazing School format, a lot more depth was added so that we could focus on topics and issues that specifically relate to the pasture-based dairies in the Southeast. Below are links to all the materials that were added as an addendum to the 2010 Grazing School notebook and a few other articles and publications that were referred to during the meeting. (File sizes may be so large as to require a long download time for slow internet connections.)

Table of Contents


1) Manipulating forage growth and grazing behavior (39.1 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA
2) The primary forage grasses for pasture-based dairies (57.2 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA
3) Legumes for use in pasture-based dairies in the Coastal Plain (19.5 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA
4) Paddock number, size, and design (73.4 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA
5) New weed management tools for grazed pastures (9.3 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Tim Murphy, UGA
6) Fencing and water supply options for your grazing system (5.5 MB) | PPT
  Dr. John Worley, UGA
7) Feed wedge budgeting and dealing with surplus forage (101.5 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA   
8) 21st Century tools for pasture management (12.9 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA   
9) Forage and grazing economic considerations (2.5 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Curt Lacy, UGA
10) Nutrition and management of baby calves and young stock (Contact author)
  Dr. Karen Jacobsen, DVM, Farm Animal Resource Management, LLC
11) Supplementation for pasture-based dairies (3.9 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Stacey Hamilton, University of Missouri Dairy Extension Specialist
12) Forage production data from pasture-based dairies (6.2 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Nick Hill, UGA  
13) Soil fertility and nutrient cycling in grazing systems (20.3 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA  
14) Summary of the nitrogen and carbon cycle on Georgia’s pasture-based dairies (10.5 MB) | PPT
  Dr. Nick Hill, UGA


Additional Articles, Handouts, and Decision-Aids


Annual Ryegrass Ecology and Management Articles
Effect of Concentrate Feeding Level on Production of Holstein Cows Grazing Winter Annuals
Feeding the Grazing Dairy Cow
Pasture-Based Systems for Feeding Dairy Cattle: Summary of 5-Years of Research
Cheat Sheet for Calculating Fixed and Other Costs
Cooling Systems for Georgia Dairy Cattle
Managing and Feeding Lactating Dairy Cattle in Hot Weather
Electric Fencing for Serious Graziers (USDA-NRCS MO)
Watering Systems for Serious Graziers (USDA-NRCS MO)
Daily Forage Need – Calculator (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
Grazier's Arithmetic – A Grazing Calculator (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
Grazing Wedge Calculator (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
Forage Budgets (MS Excel Spreadsheets)




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