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Materials from Winter School 2008

These files are for use by the UGA County Extension Agents Only. Agents are welcome to use these files as they see fit.

Below are the presentations that Tim Murphy, Johnny Rossi, Curt Lacy and I (Dennis Hancock) made at the 2008 Winter School sessions. Feel free to use them as you see fit. Please call if you have any questions or concerns about the content of these presentations.

Beef Cattle Drought Management:
"Forage Management and Options during an Exceptional Drought" (ppt file)
"Livestock Management and Marketing Considerations in Dealing With Drought" (ppt file)
"Feeding During a Drought" (ppt file)

Forage Management Update:
"What’s New in 2008" (ppt file)
"Weed Control Refresher" (ppt file)
"Common Questions about Interpreting & Using Forage Quality Data" AND "Potential Research/Demo Projects" (ppt file)

Livestock, Hay and Feedstuffs Market Outlook:
Hay and Feedstuffs Outlook (ppt file)
Beef Cattle Situation and Outlook (ppt file)