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GCA Forage Conference 2012g

The FIRST Annual Forage Conference at the Georgia Cattlemen's Convention was held on April 4-5, 2012 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry, GA. We teamed up with the Georgia Cattlemen's Association to offer a new learning opportunity in combination with the GCA's annual cattlemen's convention.

Program Details

The 2012 Forage Conference at the Georgia Cattlemen's Convention addressed three major topic areas in depth: 1) bermudagrass stand maintenance, 2) integrating clovers into one's forage system, and 3) the latest information about current pest problems and pesticide technology.

Below is an outline of the presentations that were made, along with some additional resources for each topic. Click the link access the slidesets in handout form or to access the supplemental links. All linked documents are in a PDF file format.

  1. Identifying and Preventing Bermudagrass Stand Decline (PDF | PPT)
  2. Selecting the Right Forage for Georgia Cattle Producers (PDF | PPT)
  3. Bermudagrass or Bahiagrass: Which is Most Economical? (PDF | PPT)
  4. Key Steps in Re-Establishing Pastures and Hayfields (PDF | PPT)
  5. Keys to Forage Profitability (PDF)
  6. 10 Great Reasons for Growing Clover (PDF)
  7. Selecting and Establishing the Best Clovers for Your Farm (PDF | PPT)
  8. Stocker Calf Development + Clover = Profit (PDF)
  9. Insect Management Issues for Georgia Cattlemen (PDF | PPT)
  10. Weed Management Issues for Georgia Cattlemen (PDF | PPT)
  11. Sprayer & Nozzle Selection & Maintenance
  12. Calculating Rates & Calibrating Your Sprayer
  13. Minimizing Non-Target Damage
  14. Calibration Handouts (PPT)