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For County Agent Use Only

These files are for use by the UGA County Extension Agents Only. Agents are welcome to use these files as they see fit.

(Forage Team Members: Click here to go to the UGA Forage Extension Team Page.)

Quick Info

Frequently Asked Questions
Winter Annual Forage Seeding Rates and Fertilization Tables

Troubleshooting Forage Problems

The purpose for this fact sheet is merely to help guide County Extension personnel through the process of gathering information that will be helpful in troubleshooting forage production (pg. 1) and feeding (pg. 2) problems. This is an aid, not a required “form.” However, Extension personnel are encouraged to use it to facilitate communication.

Presentation Repository (aka "The Mother Load")

This page provides you with large slide sets that cover virtually every topic that I've presented on the subject of forage management and all of its specific topics. Each slide set has a plethora of useful data slides, photos, descriptive animations, and other useful visual aids so that the County Agent can present how I would present it. Granted, very little of this is annotated. It is just too voluminous to go through it all and annotate it. However, if the slide is not self-explanatory, call me and I'll provide you the narrative.

Other Misc. Materials

Forage News & Views
Archive of Older Agent Trainings and Major Meetings
Other Useful Presentation Topics
File Folder for Useful Information
Late Winter Plantings of Winter Annuals
Nitrate Test Kits
Pasture Condition Scoring