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From My Most Used File Folders:

These files are for use by the UGA County Extension Agents Only. Agents are welcome to use these files as they see fit.

Peanut Hay:

Here is a report on the quality of peanut hay as affected by frost, single/twin row system, and yield category. PDF. This study was conducted in 2007 by Randy Franks, CEC Wayne Co. with partial funding coming from the GA Cattlemen's Association, Wayne Co. Extension, and the UGA Forage Extension Program.

The following tables are from observations of peanut hay samples in the UGA FEW lab's database from Nov.-Dec. of 2007.

Peanut Hay Quality


Peanut Hay Mineral Content

From My Forage Fertilization File:

There have been a lot of questions about fertilizing bermudagrass and bahiagrass during the past few weeks. Obviously, sharp increases in fertilizer are on everyone's mind. In addition to my treatment of this subject in a news article for the GA Cattlemen's Magazine, I am in the process of putting some additional information on this subject. Until then, I thought it would be worthwhile to share some research papers from my files and our Library which I will be using. These are hastily assembled, but I hope they will be of use to you.

You will also find a presentation on bermudagrass fertilization for hay in the Hay Production School files linked here.

Bermudagrass Fertilization - I have assembled three files for this one. First File: These are three separate studies, all on Coastal. The first is a long term look at low N levels. The second looks much more complicated (and it is), but look at the table that I have highlighted. These first two studies were done at Tifton. The third (last page of attached) is a summary of a long-term study done in East Texas. It is perhaps the most summative of all that I’ve attached. Second File: This entitled "Timing and Rates of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium for Top Yields of Quality Bermudagrass" it is an article from 1997 by two now emeritus faculty from our department (Segars and Usherwood). Third File: This file focuses on the importance of K in maintaining and IMPROVING! bermudagrass stands.

Bahiagrass Fertilization - This file consists of 4 documents. 1) N, P, and K response of Pensacola bahiagrass (forage yield); 2) Organic matter content of bahiagrass ground in response to fertilization; 3) N, P, and K response of Pensacola bahiagrass (seed yield); and 4) a general pamphlet on bahiagrass, including some general information of fertilization response.