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UGA Forage Extension Team Page

These files are for members of the UGA Forage Extension Team. However, all Agents are welcome to use these files as they see fit.

My intention for this page is to be a site where I can exchange information with the team about upcoming events and Team projects.

Current Forage Team Meeting Materials

Items Covered (2-17-09):

  • Current Wimba Trainings
  • Upcoming Events
  • Extension Publications and Presentations
    • Current Status of Projects in the Works
    • Power Point Slidesets/Electronic Bulletins
    • Volunteering of Co-Authors
    • Requests or Needs
  • Baled Silage Training

Baled Silage Presentation | FAQ on Baled Silage | Some Points on Feeding Baled Silage | Keys to Success with Alfalfa Baleage (.doc) | Baling Forage Crops for Silage (UK pub)

Rising Plate Meter Calibration Effort

Below are links to the protocol that I've put together for the collection of rising plate meter (RPM) data. As I have mentioned to you, my hope is that you'll be able to find time to collect RPM data and calibration clippings at least once a month. Obviously, if you would like to do this more often, please do so.

RPM Data Entry Sheets (pdf file)
Collecting yield and rising plate measurements from standing forage (pdf file)

Additional Presentations