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Hay Production School - 2010

This event follows on the resounding success of our first two annual Hay Production Schools. This year we planned an even bigger event for April 8- 9, 2010 in Moultrie, GA. The event was held at the home of the Sunbelt Agricultural Exposition.

The 2010 Hay Production School was two full days of learning and interacting with fellow farmers. In fact, this training was rather unique in the Southeast, as it was essentially the only opportunity for those who are serious about commercial hay production to get an A to Z coverage of the subject.


Presentation Topics
1. Hay Production Economics and Outlook
2. Forage Quality I: Nutritional Quality
3. Forage Quality II: Quality of Horse Hay
4. Selecting the Right Species and Variety for Your Hay Enterprise
5. Key Steps in Bermudagrass Establishment
6. Fertilization Fundamentals for Hay Producers
7. Weed Management Options for Hay Producers
8. Insect Management Options for Hay Producers
9. Keys to Maximizing Your RFQ Score
10. Hay Storage Systems
11. Industry and Technology Updates: Equipment Demos    
12. Field Exercises/ Demonstrations    
13. Alfalfa and Perennial Peanut Production in the South
14. Irrigating and Monitoring Soil Moisture
15. How to Cure and Handle High Quality Hay
16. Hay Preservatives
17. Baled Silage
18. Fine-Tuning Fertilization in Your Hayfields
19. Marketing Tips
20. "A Hay Broker's Secrets"
Download Entire Presentation (Large File)


Agenda for the 2010 Hay Production School.

"Southern Forages" was an integral part of the 2010 Hay Production School because it is an excellent resource for hay and pasture producers in the South. To get your own copy of "Southern Forages", you can order straight from the publisher (International Plant Nutrition Institute) by clicking here. Their website also has a more in depth description of the book and its content.