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Image:  Field of Canola

Commodities: Field Crops


Welcome to the UGA canola website.  Canola is an alternative winter crop that is well suited to Georgia growing conditions.  It was produced commercially in the Southeast during the mid-1990s.  Interest in biofuels has renewed interest in commercial production of canola in Georgia. 

This site provides updated information on various aspects of canola production, marketing and economics. Here you can find the Canola Production in Georgia (production guide), Ten Steps to Profitable Canola (brochure), Canola Growth Stages, links to Variety Testing, Pest Control Recommendations, and other canola web site information. In the future we plan to post canola team presentations targeting specific aspects of canola production. 

Your local Georgia County Extension office is the official contact for getting information on all aspects of canola production.  The UGA Extension Canola Team encourages you to contact them for specific questions or needs related to canola.